Picking Through Salvage for Treasures

You know how I love antiquing? Well, this post isn’t about that. Because guess what? I moved to SC a few years ago and found out about a little place called…

Southeastern Salvage


Word is they have them in GA too (and all over the Southeast, hence the name). What is it you ask? It’s an interesting store where they buy a lot of closeouts and liquidation pieces from other places, and then sell them on the low-low. Translation? They have some cool stuff for good prices. They also have a lot of weird tribal/africanesque stuff…so if that’s your aesthetic, you should definitely check it out. They also have rugs, cabinets, sinks, fixtures, etc.

I went on Saturday looking for a TV solution. We’ve got a major living room problem (cords and wires peeking out from our floating tv shelf), and we were about 3 seconds from disassembling the whole unit and re-arranging the whole room when we said, “STOP. WE ARE RENTERS AND IT DOESN’T MATTER THAT MUCH.” The problem is that any storage/space solutions we WANTED to do involved minor construction and while I was totally game, David…not so much. (he’s good like that–saying things like, “why would we invest more into this house that we don’t own”, even though I’m all, “but it could help (homeowner) sell the house if we do it well–it’s a total upgrade”. But in the end, he was right. So, away I went TV-console hunting.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find that at Southeastern Salvage. But I did find some amazing things. With the right eye (or the right pins on Pinterest) I began seeing a lot of potential in these pieces. Again, you have to be able to look away from the weird things.

So here’s the rundown. Pics on the left are the iPhone pics I took in the store (sorry about the quality). Pics on the right are from Pinterest/websites where these things sell.





Vintage Seltzer Bottles

seltzer before and after


Octopus Triptych

octopus tryp


Canvas/Jute Tote Bags

jute bags


Copper Stools


I know, right? So many good things! Too bad their selection of console tables was less than good. But these finds were awesome. What I am temped to go buy right now? That slab of wood. Could be a headboard. Could be a console table (eh? TV solution?–nah…no storage). It is pretty. I am also loving those copper stools and we’re in need of kitchen stools (we’re having a hard time finding something we like…but these are pretty). The seltzer bottles are also really cool and I may go pick up a couple of them. Why not?

The octopus triptych was a trend and it is really pretty when done well. I don’t really like the one at Southeastern Salvage, but I appreciate their attempt. 3 large frames for $50 is a great deal by itself…you could paint the frames or swap out the print for a closer-interpretation to the real deal–or any picture of your choice.

So what do y’all think? Impressive right? Now I just need to find a media solution elsewhere. Maybe at Midcentury Salvage (yes, that exists—but it ain’t cheap).



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