Cards Cards Cards

You can sing that title like Destiny’s Child “Bills, Bills, Bills”. Let me get to the point before I go into a How-much-I-love-solo-Beyonce (or as my goddaughter calls her, “Panty Lady“) more than Destiny’s Child. Don’t get me wrong–the Superbowl comeback was awesome. But Sasha Fierce…that’s where it’s at.

I digressed anyway…OOPS.

Let’s talk about cards. They’re great to get. Birthdays. Christmas. Weddings. Normally, I hate to admit it, but I save them for a little while then usually toss them. I can’t be the only one who does this. Right? After the holidays have passed or the birthday party is over, they’re out with the gift wrap. The exception: our wedding cards.

I’ve got a bag of them (along with receipts, packing slips, etc.) and I don’t want to get rid of them because a lot of them are really special messages to David and I. Advice and sweet notes…you get the idea. But thus far, they’ve lived in that bag for almost 3 years. So I decided to do something about it.


BTW, this was a $2 DIY project (would be about $4 if you don’t have a hole-punch). You could also do this for all your families holiday cards–because those may be more worth saving.

Instructions are as simple as it looks:

  1. Sort Cards from the trash (trash meaning envelopes, packing slips, receipts)
  2. Throw out the trash you’ve been saving for several years. No returns or exchanges left to do!
  3. Hole-punch the corner of all the cards (some I left open if they were really tiny cards, others I left closed)
  4. Stick all the cards on the binder-clip (choosing some pretty or sentimental ones to go on the top)
  5. Fasten Clip-VOILA!




Perfect! Now we have a little flip-book of wedding cards that we can read through whenever we feel like it. So glad I held onto those for three years.



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