Kitchen Peek

Okay, if David and I owned the home we currently rent (that we’re now starting our third year in–love this house), we have a lot of plans for what we’d change and rip out. What’s #1 on that list? The kitchen. Second would be adding another bathroom. But back to the kitchen.

Here’s the picture when the previous owners lived here (i.e. what they sent us when they were looking for a renter).

So things that we would get rid of:

  1. countertops
  2. cabinets
  3. floor (that is dangerous slanting in some places)
  4. we’d reconfigure and make this space larger.
  5. random table space isn’t really large enough for a table–so we don’t have a table there.
  6. lack of counter space
  7. old appliances

Things that we really love about our kitchen:

  1. several large (good light) windows
  2. um…that’s all.

So since moving we’ve changed the wall color (from a neon green to a pale blue). What we’ve learned? Less is more in the kitchen. Keep it clean and neat. No really bright colors for us–the space is so small that we wanted to keep it clean and bright. Sorry I didn’t get pictures of all angles, but nothing about an old oven and fridge are pretty. I think it goes to show that in a day you can paint a room and de-clutter, and it looks so much nicer!

kitchen 1

kitchen 2

And just a side by side before and after, cuz who doesn’t love that…

before and after, kitchen

What do y’all think? Like the little coffee station? Like the lighter paint? Let me know!

In other news, this evening I’m heading to Camp Mikell to spend some time with my friends Dan and Anna, Sam and Joe. Plus my little sister is there all summer! We’re on the Youth Camp (high school aged campers) Deans Staff, meaning we plan some of the programs for the campers. It’s gonna be super fun (yes I’m in my late 20’s and still go volunteer my time as much as possible–and I’m not the only one!)


6 thoughts on “Kitchen Peek

  1. Nice job! It’s amazing what some paint and organizing can do. We just moved out of a home we rented for four years and I loved daydreaming about what we’d do to it if we bought it. Now that we’ve actually bought a house and are faced with actually fixing it up, it’s a lot scarier! Haha!

    • Come and see!! It took us several different locations/rooms to figure the best use for that piece of furniture–and this def gets the most use! AND saves counter space! Miss you dot!

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