Forever Trend: Stripes

It is probably no secret to anyone that knows me that I wear a lot of stripes. Always have. But this season they’ve made their way back into the stores so I’ve updated my classic stripe collection with a few new items.



(and pale feet)



//Striped Tee: Forever 21//Striped Shorts: Gap //

//Striped Keds: DSW //Striped Maxi: Forever 21 //

Forever 21 Tips of the Trade:

1. Either shop it online or go-in prepared to look through a lot of tacky things where you’re all, “who would wear that!?” and then a 12 year old girl scoots past you and grabs it and you look at her like, “ooooohhhh. YOU’d wear that.” Then you’d feel bad for judging a kid. Move on, old lady.

2. The newer-probably more on trend-items are usually in one area of the store. Look there. Ignore mostly everything else.

3. Don’t wash anything from Forever 21. Ever. Unless your intention was to make it small and square and weird. If you’ve ever bought anything from Forever 21, you know why it’s cheap and you’ve probably made this mistake. For the record though, we don’t want you to make things more expensive if you’re reading this Forever 21 peeps, we will just continue to not ever wash anything. We’re happy doing (or not doing) that.

4. Shop with a plan. For instance, “I need a new blazer”, or “I need stripes of all shapes and sizes”. Often when I go, and I do go often, I don’t buy anything. Or I come away with a ring that was 4.99 that’s gonna turn my finger green the second I was my hands. That’s okay. It is so cute.

5. Buy bigger sizes. In most stores I’d probably wear a small shirt, but I buy a lot of Larges at Forever 21. Probably because it’s made for teenagers and I’m not a teenager. And because it’ll shrink. So when in doubt, go big.

6. Maybe the most important tip: pair Forever 21 gear with nicer things. Then people will doubt that your cute top or ring came from Forever 21.  Wear Forever 21 jeans with a nice J.Crew shirt and a Madewell leather bag. No one will guess your jeans were $12.

Still doubting me? Check out 9 to 5 Chic’s Anh (pronounced on) who has a very high end budget typically. Look at her get her Forever 21 on here and here! And just look at her lovely clothes and wish you could have her hand-me-downs.


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