Bringing pins to life. With dogs.

I have quite the Pinterest account. With 46 boards and 3,819 pins, I’m a busy lady! Sure, you hope that you can bring to life things that you pin. But most of them are out of my budget, or totally unrealistic being that I don’t even own a home (but we’re great renters who like to fix things up and update where we live).

So anyways, back to Pinterest and making it happen. This pinning project was totally free and totally weird. My family was at the lake for Memorial Day and when the whole family is together, we have a lot of dogs. No little kids running around. No spit up to clean. Just dog-babies. 4 to be exact.

And as I was browsing my pins, my sister Lis and I had an idea. We don’t have anything else to do…let’s make the dogs do this.

My dad said, “yeah right”. I said, “look at that cute little tiny baby-puppy on the bottom stair! We need one!” To that, my dad probably also said, “yeah right”.

But anything is possible with bacon…as we learned. (As a vegetarian, I never thought say that).

Let’s introduce the cast first.

Max (Maxie):

Around 12 years old, Maxie has literally traveled the country with my sister Lis everyone she’s lived. They’re best buds. He doesn’t normally interact well with the other dogs, usually they pick on him and he gets…annoyed…but he’s super sweet and even gives hugs. (And kisses).

The newest member of the family, Sammy.


Sammy was the xmas time puppy that my parents got after we all swore we weren’t gonna get a puppy. He’s super rambunctious, wiggly, and cute. He also resembles Dobby from Harry Potter, and we all love that.

Third is Creature.

Creature is the old and wise sage of the group. He’s never been disobedient at all. He’s very tolerant of the puppies and other dogs, and just goes with the flow. His only “vice” is doing the slow-sneak into the other dogs rooms to eat their food (we have some self-feeders who eat at their own pace–unless Creature is tip-toeing by).

And lastly, Colonel Mustard.


You’ve surely seen a lot of OUR baby, Colonel on this blog. He is a rowdy hound/lab/pit/mutt mix and he has really come a long way in almost 3 years. He was a really sick rescue puppy who warmed our heart the second we saw his fat little worm belly. Love this guy.

Now, back to the photo shoot.

Some outtakes first.


Dad, I’ve got the camera. Please stop telling them to look at you.


Colonel and Max got the idea. Dad…still distracting his boys.


Sammy, you’re weird.


Not bad.


Colonel. You are weird.

And the winner! Here is the best we got!

pic dogs

Next time we’ll hire a photographer. But not bad, eh? The power of bacon….


4 thoughts on “Bringing pins to life. With dogs.

  1. Hi, Lorrie here (aunt of the amazing & beautiful Whitney Reeves), I am in love w the pic of your dogs on the stairs. Absolutely enchanting. In fact, I stole it. So sorry but I couldn’t help it. I would even buy a blow-up to frame. I’ve been following your blog since Whit’s post. Very good job, my dear!!! Let me know if you ever want to come to Panama City Beach. We have lots of room🐬🐬🐬🐶

    • Hi Lorrie! I just saw your Whitney in Colorado!! Love her so much! Thank you so much for reading and following–it has been really fun for me to do this and I’m just glad someone is reading 🙂 -bean

  2. […] Read about his crazy adoption story here and see that he was named in the top “12 Nestie Pooch Names that We Love” on (affiliate of The and The He’s basically a celebrity in the dog world. And see how we got Colonel and his “cousins” to do this! […]

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