Over it All

I want to be a kid again so I can wear overalls. Or a high schooler because I’d be lying if I said that Cat, Dot and I didn’t rock overalls in our skater/surfer phase (we may have even tried the “one side undone” trick). Any way that we could dress like Lauryn Hill and the rest of the cast of Sister Act 2 was fine by us. And then spending my long weekend in the rolling hills of NC made me think about life in the country where overalls never go out of style. So in my mind…they’re back. I mean…check it…they’re popping up all over the place.

I give you…long overall options.

long overalls

and short overall options…

short overalls



The linen short overalls are something that I’d like to own. Today. And the perfect fit long ones…I didn’t name them that for fun. They’re perfect.

Did you not understand the 90’s outfit reference before? Check it!


Frank-hay (hay, ho!) has the best overalls in that finale song. I hope he’s reading this.


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