Food Truck Rodeo, y’all

Have you ever worked in event planning? I always thought that would be something really fun–especially since planning my wedding and loving that process. See how beautiful it was?

But I’ve been totally and completely drained and all my time has been consumed by a Food Truck Rodeo that I’m co-planning for work. My friend Addie and I have busted our butts and luckily she is young, because unlike her, I think I have 3 new grey hairs thanks to this event. I can’t wait for it come and go.


(PS: If you live in Columbia, come out to the State House this Friday and get some lunch by 2Fat2Fly, Pawleys, and The Wurst Wagen. Come rock out and enjoy some of Columbia’s HOTTEST Food Trucks –all for a good cause).

Mostly, I can’t wait to get back to you readers at the blog. I have cooked some good food, and done some home improvements, and even done a few DIYs. Quit thinking, “welp…there she goes. Down the blogging spiral of death.” Is that a thing? I’m not sure. But I know a lot of blogs don’t last too long, and even more blogs post a lot of filler crap and I really don’t wanna do that. (omg–I’m kinda doing it right now. Shoot.). Well…I just want you all to know that I did make it home from the lake this past weekend and I didn’t drown or get swallowed up by a bear. Yes, there really are bears there. And large fish. I’m alive and busy as hell. And I’ve got lots of goodies coming. After this Friday.


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