Wood you like to see what I found?

…in the neighbor’s trash pile.


Okay, little sister, you can begin inserting comments like, “LOOK who’s the HOARDER now?!” and “who takes stumps from other peoples trash pile INTO THEIR OWN HOME!

I knew you’d be thinking that, because I think that is what my loving husband was thinking. I hosed them off, trying really hard to convince Colonel Mustard that I didn’t bring the sticks home for him, and then put them on the ledge to dry off. I don’t normally go through my neighbors trash to pick out things that look like that weird root-baby from Pan’s Labyrinth (although I am no stranger to picking up furniture from the trash—so maybe that’s a lie), but I saw these and they just screamed, “HELLOOOOO PINTEREST! There has to be something you can do with these cool knotty pieces of wood”.

I explained my rationale to David, and he felt a little better. Plus he loves Pan’s Labyrinth and showed it at church–not a hit. I digress…so…just when I thought I was crazy to steal wood-trash, I saw this!


A heart! …I know, right? It’s like the perfect material for a tree cookie. (Camp people–you’ll understand).

But I got home and began scanning Pinterest and then I was really inspired.

And I know the wood is not an antler…but…

Okay so what do y’all think? I see a little art project in my future! Which ones do you like? And not like? Anyone wanna come over and paint wood this weekend! Check out my Art Pinterest board for more DIY art ideas, and some badass art.

P.S. and totally unrelated:

Today is my wonderful MOM’S birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom!


YES– I’m lucky and blessed to have a wonderful mom who will hopefully pass along her good looks (don’t mind if I say so, but I think we’re a pretty cute little foursome), AND her cooking genes to us. If you’ve had her brownies or her cobblers…you get what I’m sayin’. Or her bbq…or potato soup…or banana bread…yeah, you get it.

My sisters and I have spent our whole lives talking about how awesome our mom is (sure there were probably some teenage days where we were…um…not as nice)—and no, we’re not trying to get anything…in fact, we’ve been given plenty and we don’t tell our parents enough how grateful we are for everything…but boy are we grateful. Thanks mom and dad! Y’all are the best.

(For the record, my dad is equally as awesome, it’s just not Fathers Day OR his birthday)



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