The Metropolitan City of  Columbia, South Carolina. Yeah, not really. Sometimes people say that and sometimes those of us that come from actual metro areas roll our eyes. Sometimes people complain of how fast paced things are getting and how the traffic “downtown” is horrible. Not true. I find, at most, traffic may take 20 minutes. You’ll probably never have to sit through a light more than once. Why do I mention all this? Because Columbia is getting really hip really soon and getting an Urban Outfitters. I think they did a pop-up store a few years ago, guess it was a hit, so now they come. As someone who loves to shop and buy things she doesn’t need, I’m pretty pumped. Not just for the clothes–but for the other fun stuff. They’ve got good gifts (I’d categorize for folks mostly in their late teens and early 20’s), but they’ve also got some other gems for those of us that aren’t nocturnal anymore.

So here’s a little run down of some cool things in my cart–today focused on TECH ACCESSORIES–either to gift to people or to buy for David and I.

techy techy2

1. USB Wall Charger. $28

2. Dual USB Car Charger (we totally need this). $28

3. Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker. $60

4. Cute iPad Mini Case (I’ve been waiting for them to make cute ones–this one is tan on the back). $45

Sorry the photo quality isn’t great–they came straight from Urban Outfitters Site.

All of these could be awesome tech-gifts since most people now have an iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini or something that charges with a USB or a plug. I personally want all four of these things. It’s a shame David’s bday just passed because I bet he’d love #3…It’ll have to wait til Christmas!

Which of these do you want or need? What do you think of Urban Outfitters?


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