My Man

Yesterday was a day spent celebrating tons of awesomeness. My wonderful husband David’s birthday (which also means his twin-brother and one of my bff’s Matt’s Bday). I know I’ve told y’all a little bit about us here, but David has been gracious enough to give me almost 10 years of his life. We started dating in 2004 and have been together ever since. We’ve gone through really good and really bad and we get better and better each year (I think he’d agree). We’ve grown and changed so much, and if you’re not in a relationship where you can be 100% your stupid and annoying and weird self…try to get there–AND don’t pretend you’re not annoying or weird because we all have some weird thing that our partner has to love no matter what. Sure, it may take time to be “yourself”, especially when that is always changing and evolving, but as soon as I started dating David, I knew I’d picked a keeper (like they say in ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’—he’s BONA FIDE).

where we've lived

We’ve lived in lots of places and gone through lots of things together: college (for me) and grad school (for both), new jobs, new finances, new debts, adopting a sick puppy in a snowy NYC winter who couldn’t step foot paw outside for 2 months so he decided to chew a hole in the couch and eat entire socks that he’d inevitably throw up…while destroying everything in sight (can we REALLY blame him, nah…), new friends, new colleagues, new places, new hours, new house duties, new struggles, new achievements…and it ain’t always easy! But it is so worth it.

Happy Birthday (day after) David! Love you, Bean


3 thoughts on “My Man

  1. Thanks babe! What an awesome bday gift – a blog post to me. Goes along with the other great gifts you got me.

    Love you more and more each day. Thanks Bean.

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