Can it be summer now?

Is anyone as ready for summer as I am? Even though it’s not like I get a bunch of time off (knew I should have been a teacher)…I am ready for weekends at the lake, a week that I’ve got planned to head to Camp, and some good ol’ SC sunshine.

I snuck up to the lake last weekend for a quick trip and it was just what the doctor ordered–two days of pure relaxation. It started like any relaxing weekend would.

Phones stowed away (well…except for picture taking). Games on the table. Drinks in hand.







Do you have that type of place where you can go and get away? Recharge your battery? Dream of how you want to live your life? I’ve got 2-3 of those places I think–and boy is it good to get to those places and just sit, ya know? So…can it be summer now?

*PS: For those of you that surely don’t get your music needs met by reading this blog, while I am on vacation, I think David has a post planned for ya. So if you like good “roll-the-windows-down-cuz-its-summer” type jams…make sure you check in on Friday! And also…my bags are packed and snow’s on the ground in Colorado! Guess I’ll postpone those summer dreams for a few days…



4 thoughts on “Can it be summer now?

  1. who’s that lady in the picture above the bar of decanters? and where is that picture from? oh and have fun in colorado give everyone my love!

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