Look at Target gettin’ all cute again…

Seriously, Target. You gotta stop getting so cute. (But not really because I just got a Target card so I plan to keep shopping there…so continue cuteness). The Threshold and Nate Berkus products just keep getting better and better.

bedroom with poster bed and many Nate Berkus pillows and throwsI want that chair, that art, that bench, that bed, and that fan. And those massive windows.

Threshold™ quality & designI’d like that bird print, that wooden picture frame, and the little yellow pot. Is the table for sale? I’ll take that too.

I’m a sucker for white dishes. Why? Food looks good on white. And it’s easy to mix and match with…dress up…dress down. Love it. Particularly loving the white and blue sets, and the pig plate is cute. Cept’ I’m a vegetarian so I don’t care how you slice a pig or what the different sections are called.

I was in Target the other day (returning some impulse buys…shocking, I know), and I stumbled across a few things I’d like to have.

IMG_4388Vera for Target Scarf: Little Fish

IMG_4389Mossimo Geometric Water Drop Woven Scarf

IMG_4390Mossimo Pink Border Scarf

IMG_4391Mossimo Tetris Print Scarf

IMG_4396Mossimo Womens Round Sunglasses in Red

IMG_4398Berkus Diamond Checker Duvet Cover Set (with some pink, white, navy or gold pillows..yes please).

IMG_4399Nate Berkus Chevron Storage Box–it’s not over the top annoying chevron–it’s classic chevron.

IMG_4400Threshold Accent Rug

All of the stuff above is SUPER affordable (like all under $20 except for the bedding). I have bought lots of stuff not pictured from these two collections (I am really loving the wood, white and gold lately). Thoughts? Comment below!


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