Packing Heat

Sorry for the delay, y’all! Quite the afternoon involving plumbers at our house, etc. Didn’t have a second to hit “Publish”, if ya know what I mean.

Moving on: Yes! Got an email with a detailed packing list, thanks to the Boulder Ladies who got together and made a plan for us! Here it is…in a nutshell. Most of these things will be no problem, and as you may have seen this winter (here), when it’s chilly, I am really into big sweaters and skinny jeans. And boots. So that is probably what I am going to bring. But as you may or may not know, packing for Boulder requires a little more…whats the word… Bohemia. Is that a word? Spell check says no unless it’s capitalized. Must be a place. Yep. I digress…but you know what I mean. Smoking weed is legal out there. Snowboarding is a job out there. Day drinking is a necessity. It’s a college town with barefoot, organic, tree-hugging vegetarians…so there’s that to consider as well.


So my Pinspiration on what to pack for boulder? I’m thinking simple, classic and chic. Neutrals for me include: army green, grey, black, white and navy. Throw in a little leopard and gold or turquoise accessories and I’ll be good to go.

Here we go ladies and gents…okay, ladies and David. And maybe Mike and Matt.

Day Wear

Who doesn’t love a cozy sweater when they’re in the mountains? You know I do.

A good/light day-to-night jacket. I have a leather jacket that’s thin and an army green jacket that’s pretty thin. Probably will bring both (wish I had this combo from Piperlime–theirs is a little overpriced).

Again with the chunky sweater–I’ll probably be packing mine from H&M, and I love these jeans. Note to self: get boyfriend jeans.

Black skinny jeans and basic white sweater=great chance to accessorize. I’ll probably be packing something like this.

Nights Out

It’s chilly in Boulder (calling for snow tomorrow)–so my nights out will probably be bundly and involve tights and dresses. Black tights.

I really like this as a night option. Not too dressy, but a chambray shirt with a sparkly skirt. I could get behind that.

Really like the feminine dress with black tight and I’d probably wear a more structured/masculine jacket. We shall see.

I’m really into pattern mixing so there may be some of that as well.


My rule: don’t overdo it.

Shades (I have these in black).

Turquoise. Love it always.

Very “natural” necklace. I should fit right in (sorry, I can’t help myself).

Custom Ring- 14K yellow gold with oblong turquoise stone.

Love the gold and turquoise. Yes.

Man, I am getting excited to get packing! Woo hoo! What do y’all think? Do I need more color in my life? Maybe a colored scarf? Maybe some bright shoes? We’ll see I guess.


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