Who is Boulder Bound

***real quick, the format of the blog may change some in the next few weeks.Sorry. You’re still in the right place! Thanks!

Countdown continues…


We are headed to Denver/Boulder on Thursday and I can NOT WAIT!

Who are we visiting?

Whitney, who you met in her 20-something post, moved out to Boulder a month or so ago, and she’s settled with a job (!!) and loving life!

1 whit

Cat, another native Atlantan (I think we all are actually) who you’ll hopefully hear from soon, moved out to Boulder a few years ago and is in charge of a really cool Outdoor Education program, Wild Bear.

Dot, (yep, they’re twins) moved out there a little bit after Cat, is a baker and cake decorator extraordinaire and you’ll hear from her soon too (right, dot?).

And the lovely Kristina (who is the instigator of making all my ladies move out west). She’s been there the longest and has developed quite the music career out west.

Why do all my girls keep moving west? Was it something I said? Come back down south…NOW. Well, not NOW. After I visit you out west. Then move back, k?

And who is flying out to visit those lovely ladies?

Me. Nuff’ said.

Then there’s Chris (left), who y’all met via the blog here! A fellow social worker who blogged about her dreams…and some came true!


Then also pictured, Katy! These two are not only responsible for us all getting our acts together so we can vacation together, but she’s also the writer over at Why Me, Gluten Free. Check it out!

You guys also met Bethany on the blog, who will be heading out to Boulder before everyone (she’s always been an overachiever). Love ya, mean it!

Then these two slackers will be heading out on Friday… 🙂

Sam, who you met via her 20 something post as well, probably has to work at her dream job (that she also got after she guest-blogged for me–just sayin’).


And lastly, Lauren who is our nerd of the group. (Looks can be deceiving–nerds can be hot too). She’s the CPA who loves calculations, equations, and her momma’s cookin’.

That’s right. 6 ladies from the sunny city of Atlanta who will be headed west to visit 4 more Atlantan’s to drink micro brews and whiskey, hear live music, shop, eat, and spend time with each other making new memories…See why I can’t wait?

We will miss the rest of our lovely lady group…hopefully they can make it to a lake break asap! Stay tuned for some other Boulder info (what i’ll be packing, itinerary. etc.) as well as a roundup of this past weekends festivities!


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