Spring: What I’ve Been Wearing

I love Spring. And warmer weather. After leaving NYC, I thought I’d miss wearing my awesome rain and snow gear…but nope. Not really. Here’s a little peek into my closet thus far this spring.

lake getaway

black H&M sweater and polka dot cropped pants from Forever 21 (cute and cheap).

night out

(floral blouse from ASOS and high waisted bird shorts from Forever 21).

spring 1

(White H&M Blazer, white leopard Zara shirt, Old Navy cropped zipper pants).

weekend exploring

Grey H&M long sweater, white jeans from H&M I think (?), and J.CREW/Sperry Duck boots).


J. Crew Chambray tee and Forever 21 Bird Shorts again.

(Note to readers: Forever 21 does have items made of better quality…they go quickly and they’re in the $20-$30 range, as opposed to the $5-$10 range like most things there that fall apart after one wash. Be prepared to dig, or shop online, because we all know the store is super annoying).

While I was hoping to pack all the boots and winter gear away, I’ve got a VACATION PLANNED AT THE END OF NEXT WEEK and while I thought it’d be warm where I’m headed…turns out…probably not. So I’ll enjoy my SC sunshine until I head out west…


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