Last Chance…#emilysaveme

I’m not asking you to vote for me in anything this time. I’ve entered another Emily Henderson contest called, #emilysaveme.

You can play too! What you do? Instagram a picture of a favorite piece of furniture or something that you love sooooo much you’d snatch it out of your house if it were burning down. I don’t think family members and animals count…if you did, you know what I’d grab…

Oh come on! Thats assuming David is already outside. Moving on…
So she suggested an app to alter your pics pre-Instagram, because as we know, some pics always need some brightening or whatnot. I’m still learning this by the way. She suggested Afterlight and so I downloaded it to see what it looked like. I’ve also downloaded VSCOCAM which is great but not as user-friendly. So far I really like Afterlight. Am I totally after the curve on this? Does everyone already have it?

So you can have up to 3 submissions, and one of the things I knew I’d post was this–but I could also post two more.

The problem? I’m working hard on building a collection of cool antiques and little vintage finds that are affordable…furniture is one thing we are lacking as far as style is concerned. Why? It’s not affordable. I’ve Craigslisted some great stuff and I have a beautiful dining room table that was my grandmothers (that I promised to not destroy and to give back). So I’ve got 2 more items to pick and I think if you win, you get featured on her blog which is great for new bloggers like moi.

So I’ll keep thinking about 2 more home things I love enough to save from a fire while I drive to Charleston this morning. Weren’t you just out of town, you may ask? Yep. But this is just a day trip. On the road again…

Oh and hey! Thanks for the format feedback on the blog layout. I’ll be playing around a bit this week to see if I can get those stripes to work and not be a) annoying and in the way. Or b) not visible at all. Thanks for the insight!


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