In the Bag…

Well my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…(sing it Cat and Dot)…

It’s bright and early Tuesday morning and I’m headed to the wonderful city of Indianapolis for a 4 day work trip. Lately I’ve decided that I hate air travel. And let me preface by saying my mother raised three very-travel-savvy women. My dad too who travels with his coat-of-many-pockets (like a fishing vest, but holding nothing to do with fishing). What did we learn from mom and dad?

We ONLY carry-on, we generally pack light, we are practically undressed before we get to security (shoes in hand, coats off BEFORE you get to the conveyor belt scanner thingy, ID and boarding pass out, and lastly, we never choose to get behind stroller moms or any moms traveling with kids for that matter.

Kids and elderly people are slow at security checks—which is fine—some people choose to take their time or need to take their time, but not us Varner women. We line up behind the savvy well-suited businessman who too has his shoes and coat off, laptop already out, not toting a souvenir hat from Disney World (note: don’t get behind that person either). It’s the same every time people.

It’s not like, ” maybe we won’t have to take off our tennis shoes or hiking boots this time?”, “oh we do?”, “hang on everyone in line behind me while I unlace all these hiking boot laces…heh…heh. Thought we wouldn’t have to do shoes this time…”. NO. You always have to remove shoes (so you should wear flats) and you can never have liquids, and you always have to show your ID to that person before security. Nothing new here…get it together.

So why do I not like to fly lately?

It’s takes unnecessarily long, flights are cramped, sometimes you can’t even carry on your carry-on, lately I’ve just expected all my flights to be delayed and then cancelled…it’s just not good. Generally, if the trip is within 6-7 hours, I’d prefer to drive. Listen to a book on tape, stop when I want, eat road trip food, listen to good tunes as loud as I want…

I digress…regardless if my feelings, I get the opportunity to travel a good amount with the work I do. And I am grateful for that. So today I thought I’d show you some “Secrets of a Savvy Flyer”. Today’s post…What’s in My Carry-On”.

The really pretty brown leather Tote is from Madewell (belated Xmas gift from Mom and Dad, thanks!) and is perfect for travel.

And what’s in the bag?

1. H&M Sweater for the plane (I always get cold on the plane).
2. iPad Case from Target (not made for the mini, but it works til they make cute mini cases).
3. Sunglasses from LOFT
4. iPad Mini (I am obsessed with this thing).
5. Make-up bag from West Elm (Bean).
6. Flower Bag contains…
– pen (for crosswords)
– nail-polish from Gap
– Scope
– Ring and Bracelet (quick accessories/go with anything)–both from H&M
– Rubber-band for hair
– tweezers
– Chapstick (Thistle Farms is the best stuff out there).
– Face Wash: again, this is great for travel and trips bc I get really dry skin when I fly. So this is essential when I arrive to my hotel.
– Think Thin Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar (I always need a little something sweet).
7. Non-work related Reading material
8. Wallet (from Zara).
9. Used my iPhone to take the pic, but it’ll be in there as well.

And voila, that’s it! Clothes and shoes and toiletries are in my suitcase. Maybe I’ll show that too once I arrive…

In the meantime, bout to board– off I go! What’s in your carry on? What do you like and dislike about flying? What am I missing?


4 thoughts on “In the Bag…

  1. Ah flying! The ol’ walk and wait (because that essentially describes the two activities you’re doing). The one thing I always do is carry an empty nalgene through airport security and fill it up at a water fountain. Being as big as I am, the drinks are never quite large enough and I’m always thirsty. I take entertainment pieces with me, but I always try to wear a ball cap because it functions as my sleep mask too.

    I too know the pain of cramped flights. For me, it is quite literal.

    • Lady Light Travel,

      You make great points! I was in Chicago yesterday and they had a business travel line, but…it was basically everyone.

      I agree about the latte…get in early, get a comfy seat at your gate, and hunker down with a good book and a coffee 🙂

      Thanks for reading!


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