The Best Thing About Columbia is…

There are lots of great things happening in this lovely city of Columbia, SC. But after almost having been here two years, I have to say that one of the most fun things is…INDIE GRTS! When we moved here, David and I quickly looked for a “scene” that fit our needs. We didn’t know anyone really, and we didn’t know what was going on in Columbia other than 5 points (not really our scene because we’re not 19).

Then I started working, met my friend Emily, and she introduced us to the world of Indie Grits. And all the other affiliates. And David and I were like, yes…this is what we were looking for. Art. Music. Good beer. Good people. Good movies. Guess Columbia DOES have some cool stuff, after all!

(image from here)

So what is it you might ask? According to the website,

“Now in its seventh year, Indie Grits has grown to span 10 days of film coupled with several official festival partner events that present an array of cultural events that showcase progressive cultural life unmatched in the Southeast in South Carolina’s capital city. Thanks to our generous sponsors and our tireless staff and volunteers, the Indie Grits Festival is able to create exhibition opportunities for all levels of filmmakers, artists, musicians and performers and welcome thousands of festival goers to Columbia.”

Now in my words? It’s super fun awesomeness.

Friday Night was the kickoff event on Main Street and it was full of fun people, food trucks, families, VEGGIE DOGS for us non-meat-eaters (hey–that stuff ain’t easy to find at some events in Cola), cupcakes…the list goes on and on.

 IMG_4106 IMG_4108 IMG_4110  IMG_4117 IMG_4118 IMG_4125 IMG_4134 IMG_4136 IMG_4141  IMG_4152 IMG_4164 IMG_4165

Bands pictured were Say Brother (kind of drunk-rock music—get it, like punk rock but more bluesy/country) and The Royal Tinfoil (which reminded me of pirate music). Say Brother has a tambourine-ist who clearly was not mic’ed for a reason–not sure what his job was other than to bring in the ladies…but overall both bands were enjoyable. Can you tell why I don’t review music very often?

Saturday at Indie Grits there was a family hip-hop festival that I would have liked to attend, but I had to work Saturday (booooooo…). Even just for the awesome logo, I would have liked to go see what this was about.

(image from here)

Instead, after work on Saturday, we went to our second Puppet Slam (first one was back in November and I blogged about here). Here’s more info about the Puppeteers. What is a puppet slam? It’s a puppet show FOR ADULTS. And when I say for adults, I mean, you’d be uncomfortable with a kid. Or probably even with your mom. Go with good company. But go regardless. They’re cool and weird and wacky showcases of a unique art form for sure. Plus the band Those Lavender Whales accompany a lot of the acts, and they’re cool too. Oh and for the record, it was hosted at The Nickelodeon, which is our local independent movie theater. They moved from their old location if the pics below don’t look familiar, and while we all miss the grungy Nick, we all love the new Nick as well. They do great stuff there and show great stuff. Plus, you can drink and eat delicious and fresh popcorn (aka not nasty/yellow/old)…who doesn’t like that?

IMG_4169 IMG_4174 IMG_4178

(image from here)

Sunday was one of the events that everyone talks about and I soooo wish I could have gone. It was the “Slow Food at Indie Grits: Sustainable Chefs Showcase”. It features tons of the awesome restaurants around towns top chefs and they serve food and hang out. Plus you got in cheaper if you brought a dish, which is awesome.

Here are those chefs:

2013 Slow Food at Indie Grits Sustainable Chefs:

Chef Mike Davis, owner, Terra

Chef Tim Peters, Motor Supply Company Bistro

Chef Kristian Niemi, owner, Rosso Trattoria

Chef Benoit St. Jacques, Rosewood Market and Deli

Chef Alex Suaudom du Monde, owner, Baan Sawan Thai Bistro

Chef Blake Faries, Saluda’s

Chef Jessica Shillato, owner, Spotted Salamander Catering

Chef Brian Dukes, Blue Marlin

Chef Joseph Jacobson, The Oak Table 

Sean McCrossin, Drip Coffee and Drip on Main

Chef Andrew White, Tombo Grille

Chef Scott Hall, Bone-In Artisan BBQ on Wheels and Scott Hall Catering

Joseph Stover, Whole Foods Market

Chef Corey Paul, Jake’s

Unfortunately, I was really sick and groggy. I made a delicious poached egg for breakfast, and couldn’t taste a damn thing. That’s the worst. So I laid low and took some meds (if you know me, you know I have to feel pretty crappy to resort to medicine), and watched a lot of HGTV and Dog Whisperer. And then David got home and we watched some of the Masters–which made me promptly fall asleep…exactly what I needed.

I’ve got an early flight to Indianapolis in the morning for work so I’m hoping to be all better ASAP! Hate traveling sick, ya know?

Anywho, check out the Indie Grits site and info if your around/in Columbia for the next week. There’s movies, music, and food happening all over town. Check it out!

(image from here)


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