Spring Cleaning: Part 3


How about a little DIY for this lovely Friday?

I know, I know…it’s bout time we recovered that bench that we picked up randomly while running a few months ago that we discussed here and here. So, we tackled it as part of our spring cleaning “fun”, and it took about 25 minutes. How did we do it?

To start: take off old dingy fabric. (and move the dog butt off the bench).


We disassembled it (just took out 4-6 screws), and then used pliers to pull the upholstery off from the old staples. Then it was naked, like this.


We saved the old foam because it was still adhered really well, and well…it was FREE.


David then took our new arrow fabric from Spoonflower and ironed it out real good.


Once we cut the fabric to size (we had several inches on the back just to be sure), we just started stapling away.


David stapled, I held.

And here we were about halfway done.


And then the dreaded corners. This is how we did it. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but it worked really well and kept it really neat and tidy. Pull…staple. Then pull…staple.

DSC_1005 DSC_1013 DSC_1014

What tools did we use? These guys.


And then reassemble. VOILA.



We love the fabric that we chose here (after such much debated voting), and it is gender neutral, it can pretty much go in any room, and it is awesome (in our opinion).

bench beforebench after

Here’s the close-up.


From here.

Stay tuned for an afternoon post (I know…another DOUBLE DAY), but I HAVE to share pics of that bathtub that I started to talk about in Spring Cleaning Part 1 (which yes, lots of people were appalled that I shared with the world). But nothing makes you work harder than telling lots of people, “I worked really hard on this”! Otherwise you guys might be thinking, “she can’t get that thing clean, so she’s not going to show “after” pics.

Au contraire, reader. Au contraire. I brought it up so now I had to clean it. And I did. Stay tuned.

Alrighty y’all, here it is. It ain’t perfect but its a hell of a lot better. I think I’ll take my lovely friend Laura’s advice and CLR the rest of it—grout, tub one more time, fixtures…better though, right? And excuse the brevity of this update—my computer is dead (like wont work unless its plugged in and even then is supppppppeeeeeerrrrrr sllllllllllloooowwwww…so I’m on my iPhone Giant AKA iPad Mini.




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