Spring Cleaning: Part 2

Spring Cleaning continued over the weekend with the fridge and freezer. These little areas are luckily not places that look anything like our nasty bathroom. We try to keep them tidy by cleaning up spills and drips when they happen and all those little “maintenance” type things. But…it was time for it to be done, and boy does it look better!


All the condiments are kept on the door, and all the perishable fruits and veggies are on the main shelf (so we can see them). I know fruit and veggies are supposed to be in the crisper, but when they’re down there, I forget what we have, and it goes bad. So, in sight=in mind. Things I don’t care about seeing often, beer and meat. Man stuff is in the bottom.


Freezer was David’s job and he did a great job! Look how neat and tidy! (You can see my frozen Almond Bites from a few days ago..only one left now).

And how’s it going with the 100 things to get rid of? So far, so good!


No. Sorry readers, the Dyson is not “in-the-pile”, it’s simply “propping-up-the-pile”. It is the best vacuum ever and is not in the trash. The other little shark vacuum is however in the trash. I also have a huge bag of clothes to get rid of in the guest room. Little sister, need a new wardrobe?



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