Spring Cleaning: Part 1

It’s that time of year. Time to throw open the windows and doors and clean sweep the entire house (but our house is old and the windows are mostly all painted shut so really we don’t throw open any windows at all). Spring cleaning goes hand in hand with my 100 things purge inspired by Young House Love, so…it all works out! (And the National Kidney Foundation is doing a pick up next week, so I know where my 100 things will be donated).

This past Saturday, David and I made this list.


So yeah, in about 3 hours before we went to watch basketball with a friend, we nailed out about 85% of this list. YES. It felt so good. When I clean (which probably isn’t often enough), I DEEP clean. Like hands and knees wiping  base boards, vacuuming the fans and the blinds (Davids job), cleaning the grime at the base of the kitchen appliances…all that stuff. So we still have a little work to do, but we banged it out and it looks so good.

One of the biggest and hardest projects that wasn’t on the list because it’s so challenging and time consuming?

Mission: Disgusting Bathtub/Shower.

I’ve scoured Pinterest for “green” and environmentally friendly bathtub cleaning methods. Our house was built the 30’s, and I’m guessing the bathtub is equally as old. So it’s not plastic or a synthetic material that some are now. It’s that porcelain covered…sounds metal…idk…but it’s super tough to clean. It’s not shiny. It’s not pretty. We’ve tried lots of things and I don’t think it helps that it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since the house was built. So, in spirit of wanting to feel clean when you’re done showering (weird? I think not.)…I decided it was HIGH TIME to clean that tub.

So, since we’ve been in this house, we’ve tried lots of things.

I tried the vinegar, baking soda, blah blah…and it didn’t do a darn thing. (But that recipe DID clean the oven door).

So we tried Comet…didn’t do anything.

Then we tried that Bar Keepers Friend (like Comet…powdery and whatnot), and it worked better than the rest, but I couldn’t breathe the smell was so harsh and there was a huge “DON’T INGEST THIS CRAP OR YOU’LL DIE” type logo, so…I put it away and wept. Okay, not really. But I did walk away. For an hour.

Then I was like…”David, last chance. Bleach cleans everything, right? “

And he was all, “do what ya gotta do. I’ll entertain the dog while you do that”

My logic: Tub should be white and bleach makes things white (even things you don’t want white), so I’m gonna go for it. So I opened the bathroom window, put bleach and water in an old spray bottle, prepped myself (gloves, crappy clothes, face protection), and went in. FAIR WARNING: YES, I know this is not green in any way, shape, or form. But our tub was going to be green with the things growing in there if I didn’t scour it. So bleached I did. AND IT WORKED.


This is in progress. See down there at the end where the scrubber thingy is? OMG….IT WAS WORKING!


So cleaning the tub took about 30 minutes to do THAT part of it, and I’ve got about 2 more sections to do (especially the drain). Stay tuned later this week for the “after”. Then we’ll work on the grout. Any suggestions moving forward other than showering like we’re at camp with flip-flops on so we don’t die? Yes, this is the only bathroom and yes, we’re ashamed. But we’re cleaning it–don’t judge us.

We’ve also decided that whenever we have our own house, we’ll have more than one bathroom. One bathroom=not fun.

Stay tuned for more spring cleaning adventures this week and the “after” of the tub! Some may or may not be equally as gross, but lucky for you, we think this is the worst room in our house. If we owned this house, the bathroom and kitchen would be gone in about 30 seconds. What major cleaning projects have you tackled this spring? Love to hear about it!


3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Part 1

  1. Hi, Beano! So for a suggestion: I fill up one of those soap and sponge wands typically use for washing dishes with 1/2 parts blue dawn soap and 1/2 parts white vinegar. When the shower is wet scrub it with that. I try to do it once a week. Key word try. It does help fight build up! 🙂 xo.

    • Maintenance is definitely key! (A key that we weren’t using at all). So yes, that is a great idea! But I’ve first got to get it back to a normal color! 🙂 Love your comments ❤

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