Stripes and Solids

Whats the rule on solid vs. patterned furniture? I grew up in a house where pattern mixing was VERY good as long as they were in the same color family. I happen to love that. But I’ve also seen some great spaces where the furniture is more toned down in order to “accessorize” elsewhere—if you will.

Check this room out for example.

All the furniture is a solid color. Green and white. But since the furniture is solid, they’ve added interest with art, tables, rugs, and those screens. WOW. So pretty. (here)

Pro’s of Solid:

  • goes with most everything
  • easy to style around
  • can be livened up with more with pillows, blanket, etc.
  • more timeless

And then we have rooms like this.

That sofa is super awesome, and they’ve just added texture on top of texture and kept it simple with a practically invisible coffee table. Love. (here)

Pro’s of Patterned:

  • easy to hide stains (we have a dirty dog, gotta think about these things)
  • fun piece that’s “different”
  • adds interest to a space
  • with the right colors, can also go with most things



So, if you were in the store, what would you do? BTW I want this chair in some way, shape or form. Well…in this shape and form…in some color. So whats the consensus? VOTE BELOW!


4 thoughts on “Stripes and Solids

  1. just signed a lease on a new apartment, tiny little place in an old house (1 of 3 apartments in this ‘multiplex’ house) with one other friend, not a lot of space but a lot of character (dark wood floors, high ceilings, half wrap around porch, turret, funky shaped rooms and design) I can not wait to start decorating!!

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