Guess what today is?

Hint: Check the blog title.

That’s right! It’s my 100th blog post, woo hoo! So to celebrate, I’m going to follow in the footsteps of John and Sherry over at Young House Love and do a “100 Things” Challenge! If, like me, you’ve been reading their blog since 2K10, you know what I’m talking about. If not…keep reading. (Okay, I want you to keep reading either way).


How it works? Find 100 things in your house that you don’t use/need/look at/notice if they’re missing and get rid of them. And that means ACTUALLY get rid of them. Don’t put them in a pile of “things to get rid of” that sits there for a few months or years…ahem…I’m looking at you…and me…

Major benefit J&S had, you ask? They were moving. So they had stuff pulled out and piled and were probably in that “we have too much stuff to move” mode.

Read about their challenge here and here. Well, David and I aren’t moving. In fact, he’s in NC right now and so he’ll probably hear about my challenge the same way you readers are. (David, if you’re reading…that Rolling Rock mirror is on the curb already. Along with some of your sweaters. Nah, just kidding. But they will be, won’t they?)

How does that sound? Who is joining me? I have lots of clothes that could use a new home…and shoes. And weird kitchen things (note to friends getting married in the next year or so…the rice cooker was totally re-gifted and is now all yours. Don’t you LOVE IT?!)

Lastly, stay tuned for ANOTHER post today! Have to share the Easter Weekend pics! Check again later today! (There may be some of this cutie involved)



8 thoughts on “100th

      • Ain’t no body got time for that! Between the dreaded finals, and ultimate tournaments (sectionals and regionals) and theta chi formal I will be in millyvegas till the end of the semester (may 6th) after that however I might come grace you with my presence…

        p.s. thanks for the distraction while I’m supposed to be working on my research paper for my neuroscience class, I instead decided to catch up on your lovely blog posts!

        p.p.s. I really liked your post on equal marriage, but I didn’t comment I just liked it, kind of as an “I agree, because” sorta thing…

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