What to Wear: Easter Edition

Easter is a busy time in our household. I basically kiss David goodbye on Thursday, and say “hey!” to him at church a few times, and then…Sunday…he cracks a beer and relaxes with me. I’ve got the day off work and have started it out extremely productively. Since it’s just Colonel and I, we’ve worked out, done three loads of laundry, and started working on that bench that I’ve been procrastinating on since I got the fabric a month or so ago.

But what I really wanna do? Shop! Don’t you remember being young and getting to go pick out an Easter dress? We’d go to Macy’s and buy a dress and then dust off the white tights and white patent leather shoes. Had to get ready for the Easter Egg Hunt at the Club and brunch with Baba!

Here’s the Easter Pinspiration.

Good news? It’s supposed to be 69 degrees tomorrow in SC, so no fear about a cold Easter.

I’m loving this coat, and while lavender isn’t for me, it may be for someone. But don’t worry. Pastel not your thing? I’ve got lots of other options below.

Loving the maxi here. The colors are great and who doesn’t love a maxi in the spring?

If we had an Anthropologie in SC, I’d be there right now buying this. If you have one, you should go buy this green and floral number right now. And wear it in front of me and make me jealous.

Again, with the Anthropologie. This baby blue is so lovely. They have the best whimsical and vintage inspired dresses. Ugh. I want this.

I personally love the idea of white. You don’t get to wear white dresses often because nowadays, the only thing I get dressed up for is a wedding, and well…ya can’t wear white. If you do, you’re mean. This one is also from Anthro.

So Easter doesn’t have to mean paisley and Lily. Or white and eyelet. I really like this green dress from Anthropologie because it is fresh and leafy and green. And all of that reminds me of spring. So go green if you want. It’s really pretty.

I am also loving this pattern mixing. Stripes are always on trend. And this skirt is, as Rachel Zoe would say, Maj. (as in major). Pinned from here. It’s airy and light and bright.

This doesn’t suit everyone. Neon grellow. But it’s perfect for a springy day. From here.

What do y’all think? Which do you love? Hate?

Enjoy the lovely Friday!


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