Churchy Post Again. Just deal.

Yeah, since I went there yesterday, I figure today is an okay day to take a break from the fashion and DIY and design posts for just a sec. Fashion and design readers…don’t leave me! I’ll be back! Foodies too-stay put! As much of all that is part of my life…this happens to be a daily part. So imma’ talk about it. BOOYAH!

Remember this little challenge which I bestowed upon myself…

“I can totally read the Bible in a Year”.

Easier said written than done. BUT…I’ve totally kept on track. I am actually ahead of where I am because I’ve started doing it my own way. I’m still going according to the plan, but instead of reading Old Test, Psalm and New Test each day, I’ve been reading all of the Old Test on Mon and/or Tues, then the Psalms on Wed and/or Thurs, and then the New Test Fri and Sat. This has been working better for me because…

  1.  Sometimes I get done early and have a day off -woop woop! (Sorry, I guess I shouldn’t be excited to have a day where I don’t read the Bible…but hey-just keepin’ it real. It’s totally nice to have a day off).
  2.  I actually follow the story and understand it better when I don’t switch back and forth every day. Because sometimes the OT is all boring and LISTY-MC’LISTERSON (sorry, also true), so it’s nice to just hear the whole list in one fell-swoop instead of having to re-enter into that torture each…heh.heh (picture Peter griffin or the kool aid man slowly tip-toeing out of the room–okay, I’ll link it because it’s awesome and never gets old). 

Here’s what I mean:

This is how it’s assigned:

March 25
Esther 4-6, Psalm 143, II Corinthians 2
March 26
Esther 7-8, Psalm 144, II Corinthians 3
March 27
Esther 9-10, Psalm 145, II Corinthians 4
March 28
Job 1-3, Psalm 146, II Corinthians 5
March 29
Job 4-6, Psalm 147, II Corinthians 6
March 30
Job 7-9, Psalm 148, II Corinthians 7

This is what I do instead:

March 25
Esther 4-7
March 26
Esther 8-10
March 27
Psalm 143-148 (they’re short)
March 28
II Corinthians 2-7
March 29
Job 1-5
March 30
Job 6-9

So I read about the same number of chapters and verses, I just don’t read from each-one-each-day. Get it?

So where am I now?

bible march

Not bad a’tall.

Stay tuned for the rest of Holy Week to talk about Eastery fun stuff (i.e. what to wear when it’s snowing and cold and gross on Easter…or something along those lines). We’ll see…


3 thoughts on “Churchy Post Again. Just deal.

  1. You should try reading the Bible in TWO years – – – followed up of course with a year of the history of Christianity and a year of philosophical issues regarding Christianity!!!! I bet you would love it!

  2. I’m like totally impressed. I thought about starting again at Advent, and then said, “nah, I’ll never do that.” Maybe one day I’ll try it your way!

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