Marriage Equality if I may.

Disclaimer: These opinions are mine.

I don’t get political often on Facebook or Twitter. Does it mean I don’t have opinions? No. Certainly not. And usually this blog hasn’t been a place for that. But it’s also been a place of total randomness. I think you’d agree. But sometimes you have to harp on something, and well…since I pay moolah for this domain, I think I’ll do it here. Today. Right now. BAM.

Has anyone seen these babies popping up on Facebook?


No, not literal babies popping up. Sorry.

Marriage Equality is a huge topic right now, and since I happen to have a lot of priest-facebook-friends (hence the whole husband-as-a-priest-who-has-tons-of-priest-friends-that-are-now-my-friends type thing)…I saw a lot of these marriage equality images. PRIESTS AND CHRISTIANS WHO SUPPORT SAME SEX MARRIAGE? BLASPHEMY. Except not. At all.

I mean, can we just let everyone marry who they want to marry?

Would You Rather I Marry Your Daughter?

Gay Bridal Registry

Gay People Can Quote the Bible Too

And then recently a friend (Kristina) shared this with me. Written by Mark Osler, a new Episcopalian, who recently came to see what all the hype was all about.

He says,

“Yes, I do understand that membership numbers are down. Much of that, of course, is because a number of congregations and many individuals left the Episcopal Church when it accepted gay and lesbian clergy several years ago. Being among the first major denominations to resolve this issue, though, is both a blessing and a curse — yes, some people left in anger, but I also know where the church will stand from this point forward, and I agree with that position. The wrenching dislocation of that question is resolved. There is a blessed settledness to that.

“But,” some of the alarmists cry, “isn’t accepting gay priests (and gay marriage) an abandonment of the church’s biblical understanding of marriage?” If the bare language of the Bible indeed should be a bright line, then we crossed it long ago in accepting previously married and divorced people to be married in Episcopal churches — because that is something that Jesus directly condemned (unlike gay marriage). However, if we have erred, we have erred on the side of love.”

Erred on the side of love should be the Episcopalian Slogan too, along with “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You”. Notice how there are no addendum’s or “Welcomes You…if’s”, just welcomes. Hey, don’t worry readers. I’m not trying to bring anybody over who doesn’t want to come. But simply saying that I’m glad I’m here. I’ll leave you with this funny gif below. Comments are, as always, welcomed.



8 thoughts on “Marriage Equality if I may.

  1. Bean, you really need no disclaimer. We are priests to each other. And your words matter. If I had a mantra when I was preaching weekly it was this: “If our desire to be right is greater than our capacity to love, we are ruined.” Thanks for loving the world with your words. Oh, and one of my favorite quotes, from Hithhikers Guide…”I’d rather be happy than right.”

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