Rain Rain Go Away

Anyone else been dealing with a lot of this rain? I drove to Atlanta on Saturday morning hoping that I’d escape this weather in SC…


My thought: If I head to Atlanta, the clouds will certainly open up and the sun will shine. For me. (Hey–my husbands a priest…he’s got a direct-line to the man upstairs, right? WRONG.)  I got to Atlanta, and it was more of the same. But luckily, it was worth the ride to send off one of my best friends Whitney, in style. She’s moving to Colorado this week and while I’m super happy for her, and super sad that I’m not going to see her whenever I’m in town. Moving on…

Back to the rainy weather though. Once I left NYC, I hardly ever wore my rain boots anymore. Since I have a car, you’re not forced to be out in the elements so to speak. You don’t have to walk to the train or whatever, so rain boots really aren’t a necessity in the south. But since it rained all weekend, and since I have a really cute pair of Kate Spade rain boots, I wore them all weekend. Sunday I kept trying to get David to go places with me so I could wear my rain boots. In the rain. We went to lunch, then out for coffee, and I tried to get him to go other places, but instead, we went home and watched basketball. At which point I finally removed the boots. (Until I walked the dog later…don’t worry y’all, I got as much wear as I could this weekend).

Here’s my inspiration for this rainy weekend.


All items are here via Polyvore 

Man, I wish I had that umbrella. As wallpaper. In my bathroom. Like in the Royal Tenenbaums.

Whatcha think? Good? Bad? I’m not a huge fan (at all) of leggings as pants unless you’re in the following three categories.




But if they’re super skinny jeans or if they’re made of a material that is not cotton, then they’re okay–like these faux leather ones (in my opinion). Thoughts on leggings as pants? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Monday, y’all! Glad to be back!


6 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away

  1. Definitely as long as the shirt covered. I cringe at the picture where I didn’t follow this rule and camel toe is very present.

  2. I will admit that I ROCK leggings as pants on the occasion. But I will say that they either must come up high enough to hide the lovely muffin top or the shirt must be long enough to cover any no no zones. I feel I will only have the butt of a 20 year old for soo long so why not enjoy it! And as far as faux leather leggings go, I love them but try and make sure you get the right size, I bought a cheap pear for about $15 last year and only got about two wears out of em before the seam started to stretch from movement and being too tight, oh and they are crazy hot, like instant swamp ass hot, just a warning to the wise.

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