Spring has Sprung

Spring is springing up all over the southeast. It’s days like this that don’t make me miss New York living, ya know?

Since the light has been pouring in the back side of our house, I took it upon myself to create a little herb garden. I’ve never done it before, so I thought I’d start small–didn’t want to plant too much that would either a)die or b)not get used.

I’ve got 2 herbs, cilantro and basil. They’re my favorite and most-commonly-used herbs. I cook a lot of “ethnic” foods (Indian, Thai, Moroccan, Mexican) that require boatloads of cilantro. And basil is perfect for spring/summer. It’s light and fresh and delicious.

Are you one of those people that thinks cilantro tastes like soap? I’M SORRY! Check out more information via the NY Times about that here!

We happen to LOVE it. I order a side of it in restaurants. I put it all over my food and salad. Cilantro is by far my favorite herb, and is not always cheap. So when I decided to venture into the herb-gardening world (okay, it’s not a huge venture…it’s actually pretty REALLY easy), I knew I had to have cilantro. Two weeks in and check us out!


How do you start a herb garden? Well there’s about 8 million posts about it on Pinterest, and some really cute displays…

Like this:

from here

and this one….

from here

 …but we’re simpletons when it comes to our garden, so we won’t do anything permanent or long-term until we know that we’ve got usable, edible herbs in our garden (ie. once we know we can do it without killing them).

So for now, I’ve got two pots on my kitchen windowsill, and that’s working for us. I bought seeds. I planted them about 3/4 in. under the soil. And I water the soil when it looks dry. (One pot has a drainage hole so it gets more watering, the other doesn’t, so I try to be sure not to over-water it). Place in a sunny spot. Wait. Wait. Watch. And hopefully, pluck and eat! I’ll keep you posted!

Cost of my first-time herb garden? About $2.

Pots: FREE. Already had both of them

Seeds: $1/packet=$2

Dirt: FREE. Already had potting soil.

So, need a little spring DIY project? Plant an indoor herb garden! Super cheap and easy (so far). Anyone have advice for a first timer? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung

  1. Couldn’t help but leave you a comment! You seem to understand the light and watering. Although when you first plant keep the top soil moist for seed germination-
    spray bottle is handy.

    Cilantro likes cool weather so keep it near a window and away from the heat vents. It actually may do better outside. It will start to seed in temps. above 75. Tips to keep it cool- shade from afternoon sun, mulch the soil, water in the morning. Also snip off as soon as you see a flower stalk forming (bolting). Eventually it will get to hot and start to bolt. If you let it go to seed you can collect it-aka coriander- and eat it or save it to grow again on the fall. Perhaps you have a cool spot inside for the summer?

    Basil is the opposite. Very sensitive to cool weather but loves warm weather. Give it full sun. Snip off any forming flower heads to encourage a bushier and longer lasting growth- eat the flowers!

    Also if you seeded many seeds as in your first picture, slowly thin them out so only one or two plants remain (depending on your pot size). Eat them! More room for roots and then you get bigger healthier plants. Give them some organic fertilizer for healthy growth unless you’ve incorporated compost in their soil.

    Sorry so much info. Can’t help myself. Hope you, David, and Colonel have a lovely Spring. Enjoy the herbs!

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