Forever I Love Atlanta

Most of you know that I spent a lot of time…as much as I can anyways, in Atlanta. I’ve lived up and down the east coast my entire life (N. VA/DC Area, NYC, Athens GA, Columbia SC), but that my family and my heart is in Atlanta. It’s my home town. My family has been in Atlanta for several generations now…we’ve got old southern Georgia blood, and I am so proud of that. After several weekends in Atlanta this year, I am always reminded of how great that city is. Sure-it takes 45 minutes to get anywhere within 10 miles because the traffic is horrendous. But that phrase “home is where the heart is”, is absolutely true for me. So, please excuse my little Atlanta, GA homage.

Hey, just think of it as a GIFT GUIDE for your southern-fried friends!

Home. Tee from here

Georgia: Forever I Love Atlanta Print

Etsy Print from Laura Frances Designs 

FILA Tee Shirt

Atlanta Wood Map

Atlanta Map Wood Carving

State of Georgia necklace.

Gold Dipped Georgia Necklace (which I have a really similar one thanks to my BF, Tina)

Georgia Letterpress Art Print

Letterpress Georgia Art Print from Etsy 1Canoe2

And lastly, this. Which I really want.

Yes art From here

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