When we lived in NYC, I worked briefly in a restaurant called 1945–it was in a hotel so it was super easy and we had different guests each day which kept it fun.

One of the best things about breakfast restaurants was getting off work by noon, with the whole day ahead of you to complete grad school homework and enjoy the city. When I was there, I developed a serious love for poached eggs. I just recently learned how to make them without them looking weird and disgusting. So here we are…breakfast of champions.



How to poach an egg, you ask? Click here! Smitten Kitchen has the best recipes and tips!

How to cook spinach? Put like 3-4 tablespoons of water in a saucepan (you don’t need a lot). Add half the bag of spinach (remember it cooks down) a LOT!

Cook that for 5-7 mins, and voila, spinach. I drain it and add a little salt and pepper. Add hot sauce. Add poached egg. Done-zo.



Wasn’t quite the same as the massive spread that I had yesterday with some of my closest friends, but it was perfect for 1.

IMG_3839[1]Other weekend festivity pics to come (we were in Atlanta for a wedding). Luckily we’ve got a little wedding-break now… until June, and then one in September, and November! Luckily, I think weddings are the most fun thing ever, so I look forward to all of them! Happy Monday everyone!

hotel image from here


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