Rhyme Time

This week David and I started back on our Operation Boot Camp routine. It’s 4 days/week…5:40am-6:3o am (give or take a few mins on either end), and we’re so glad to be back at it. I’m super sore for the first time in a long time, and it feels good. I’ve been travelling a lot for work the past month or so, and sitting in a car for 2+ hours at a time means I don’t get a lot of time to be up and about. Wanna see?

This is a day (Wednesday) when I didn’t work out before work (no BC on Wednesdays), and David and I hosted a get together after work, so I didn’t walk the dog or anything. I also drove to Beaufort yesterday, so here’s a day of driving and no intentional activity. I only burned 200 calories all day. (I don’t count “total burn”–that is like what you body does when you sleep). My longest “active” time? 6 minutes. Probably when I was in Target.


And then observe Tuesday of this week (or scroll down for a side by side view). A day with boot camp in the AM, and an evening dog walk/audio-book listening sesh.

Still had a lot of idle time (since I have a desk job and I basically sit all day), but making myself intentional about getting up and getting moving before and after work has been really awesome. See?

photo 2 (2)

Here I burned 761 additional calories to what my body does on it’s own. I could eat a Big Mac! Which I wouldn’t, but still. What could I do? I could have a little salted caramel/dark chocolate candy after dinner–which I did for the record.

Side by side to save you scrolling? Sure.

        photo 2 (2) LOW ACTIVE

Okay, you saw it and I glazed over it like no big deal. I went to Target. It was for work, honestly. I had to buy a phone card for a client. But you know what else I had to buy? This. Times two.


We’ve been in need of new bedside lamps for some time. Our guest room didn’t have any lamps at all (if you guests were worried–fret not. It has now inherited the old ones from our room). Looks plain, I know. But the size is perfect. And they were on sale–a little. And they were the last 2. Who am I trying to sell here? My husband.

But look, y’all. Similar lamp style and size.

Lafayette Lamp from Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Co.: $339 (for 1!!) So David, I basically saved us money! You’re welcome.

(David…don’t Judge Judy eye-roll me)

Man, I am all over the place today! Boot camp, lamp…maybe next I should talk about our DAMP basement, or what I want to REVAMP…no? Okay.

I’ll leave you now. Stay tuned: tomorrow—I got a recipe coming for you (and maybe a video if I can get it up and working)! What recipe? You’ll see…


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