WANTED: Large Rug

Chevron is headed out as far as trends in my house are concerned. Problem with that? I have 2 chevron rugs. One is dark and light gray and one is the rust/cream colored one from West Elm. I like them still, and I’m not getting rid of either. But I want some less-graphic rugs, and something a bit more timeless.

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to rugs, and I think I’ll use some of that inspiration to shop around. But they’re just so damn expensive! Rugs USA seems to be the best bet…so I’m watching a few online.

Rugs USA Overdyed Kefta Flatwoven Ocean Rug

(from here)


Rugs USA Overdyed Wiwul Flatwoven Cerulean Rug

(from here)


Rita Konig

(from here)


oriental rug

(from here)


amazing. black walls with red rug

(from here)

We just rearranged our bedroom and we have a major case of rug-is-way-too-small-for-the-space-itis.


(sorry for the unstyled room picture…the dog is falling asleep sitting up and the picture was supposed to be to document that). More pics to come of the bedroom.

 But you can kinda see the rug that is way too small for the bedroom.

Anyone getting rid of an old/worn/loved oriental-ish rug that they want to give/sell to me? Think about it…


10 thoughts on “WANTED: Large Rug

  1. I just got one from RUGS USA and love it. It sheds a little (not badly) and looks awesome. On Presidents Day weekend they had a 50% off + free shipping deal which I think they do fairly often. I wouldn’t buy a rug I wanted to last a lifetime there but I recommend the site.

  2. I know a great home for some of your rugs, where you can send them till you want them back… plus it already has your sofa with a hole and a bendy chair, so you know the rug will be in good company with some old friends!!

  3. 1. “Chevron is headed out as far as trends in my house are concerned.” OUR house. And yeah I totally agree — Chevron has got ta go.

    2. Just for the record — Beano’s talking about actual rugs, not breathing rugs. (Ahem, Maribett.) 🙂

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