Pinterest Challenge Reveal

WOW! Thank you guys (and girls) for reading yesterday! Whitney, thanks again for sharing a lot personal stuff with the interwebs! I think you know now more than ever that you have tons of people supporting you in whatever you decide to do, so thanks again!

And now, what I was supposed to reveal yesterday…the results from the…


WOO HOO! It took me a few days to decide what to do, after all, I ‘ve pinned A LOT. But I decided to do something I’d pinned AND something that is also inspired from the YHL Book…after all, they did think of the challenge (along with Bower Power).

So here was my Pinspiration. Enter Drawer Liner.

Gold Chevron scented drawer liners... ok I am so gonna need these

I’ve seen this same drawer liner in Martha Stewart Living, Open Sky sales and other places. The problem…I’m getting a little over chevron. Sometimes it’s fine. But I have 2 rugs and a pillow, and it’s…enough. So, I wanted a different pattern.

Then I pinned this.

fabric drawer liner tutuorial

yes. that was it. So instead of investing in fabric that I would just chop up and line my drawers, I went the cheap and not-permanent way (so I can change the patterns later if I want). What did I use? Gift wrap.

So I used two different ones, to compare…and because they’re hidden in drawers so I am the only one that would see. And now all of you.

DSC_0792Plain Ikea drawer with the liner that it came with. (yellow)

First attempt: jam paper into it and then cut the edges. It worked okay, but some of the edges didn’t get cut very flush against the wood. Luckily, I am not a perfectionist.




Drawer one: Complete. I really like the blue gift wrap (from Target), but I wanted to also try something a little brighter. So the next time, I was more precise and I even measured how big the paper needed to be.


Side note: This project would be really easy if you could just remove the yellow papered “bottom” of that drawer, wrap it in gift wrap, and put it back together. We even attempted to take it apart, thinking this bottom part might just “slide” out. But it didn’t. So we moved on with the “adhere gift wrap to the bottom drawer”. If you’d just brought this home from Ikea, change the lining before you put the whole thing together.




Side by sides—prettayy good, right??

So here’s the one I like “in action”.


And some close ups…



the edges aren’t perfect, but like I said…for a first time, I dont care. It is still pretty.


Don’t forget to check in on what our hosts did for the Pinterest Challenge (not in any way sponsored by Pinterest).

Megan, Katie, Sherry and Michelle.

Also, share on their blogs what you did to stop pinning and start DOING!


4 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge Reveal

    • the pink bathroom is too small. :’t but it could go in the hallway!

      and they need to update that advertisement, cause kelly johnson ain’t on the braves no mo’.

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