Instagram Info

Have y’all heard of Statigram? Statistics about Instagram? Get it? Clever title they got there. Moving on…it’s pretty cool.

Here’s the type info you can get. PLUS…there’s way more detailed info on the website. Cool for a new little blogger like myself, huh?



Wow, Britt! I found you first!




Instagrammers I “Like” the most! ADDIE! Sorry, I’m such a stalker! Maybud…little sis…I gotta keep an eye on you. You’re my little sis! Emily Henderson…I like most things she does, no surprise there. Bryan…he posts. A LOT. And I LIKE. A LOT. Jess…this one is a surprise, because I don’t feel like you post often. Are these stats real? Mike…no secret there. He’s my #2 blog fan and #1 blog commenter. He’s my personality twin too, whether he likes it or not.

Pretty cool, huh?

Okay…shameless plug. If you’re reading today, PLEASE come read tomorrow. We’ve got another 20-something post on the agenda…and it is GOOD!   And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check the right hand side of the screen for some stories from Ladies in their twenties! So many different stages of life happen in our 20’s…had to start getting people to write it all down!


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