Kale Pizza

Kale. Some love it. Some hate it. I personally love really tart/sharp/bitter greens. I’ll always pass on spinach if arugula is an option. And if you don’t like Kale yet, you probably have not tried it in several ways–it really differs depending on the preparation in my opinion.

One of my best friends Britt, blogger of Eating Bird Food, has tons of awesome Kale recipes. One that looks amazing is this little number, Kale and Sweet Potato Brown Rice Bowl. (Image and recipe cred go to EBF herself, Britt).


One way to incorporate Kale is on things you already like. We recently (thanks to our friend Casey), stumbled across and Kale and Sweet Potato Pizza recipe. I posted pics on Instagram and FB, and some people wanted to have the recipe. So—I’ve linked to that and shown some prep pictures to help!

Recipe HERE for Sweet Potato and Kale Pizza with Rosemary and Red Onion

Cook the sweet potatoes and red onion in the oven first with a little oil, s & p


Prep the cheese. I think the recipe calls for Mozzarella, we used Asiago because we had it, and because Mozz is bland. (in my opinion). I should tell you know that I change recipes a lot, I don’t do them exactly as they’re printed, and I improvise a lot. I think I get this from my mom. Usually I read it, get a general idea, and then do what I want.


Preppin the Kale


Once veggies are cooked, put them on the dough ball that you’ve oiled and made from scratch bought from Earthfare.(obviously I’m going to spread them out–it’s not a calzone. I also use my hands a lot when I cook, which means less dishes to do!) Notice our dough has holes, doesn’t matter to me. It’ll bake like pizza, taste like pizza, and those thin spots will get extra crispy which i like.


Add cheese (and don’t tell your boot camp instructor how much cheese).


Add the kale (which has been oiled and tossed in balsamic–important step to keep it from burning).


Finished product. Kale is a little dark, but again, we like crispy kale, so it was good with us. It’s a texture thing.


So again, I’ll link to the recipe to save you some scrolling. Use it. It’s awesome.


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