Kicking Psalms 119’s you know what.

Got a long day of traveling and working too much before the weekend festivities begin. But the good thing about being on the road today?

It’s Bible day for Psalms 119 which is a long a$$ chapter–divided over the next 4-5 days, but I’m about to bang that thing out, earning myself some non Bible reading for a few days. A little break is allowed as long as I’m reading what I’m supposed to, no? Just call me an overachiever.

Here’s what today looks like.




In the car. Gotta make some deliveries. Colonel loves car rides so I brought him. My works cool like that.


One thought on “Kicking Psalms 119’s you know what.

  1. 1. Get off your phone while you’re driving on the interstate!

    2. Psalm 119 is an acrostic — each section is 8 verses long and it begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

    3. Nice job reading ahead. Cheater. 😉

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