Black Tie

Calling all folks in the know. What’s required for a man for a black tie event? We’ve heard a lot, and we need help. We have more than one big event coming up, and so I’m putting it out there to the world. HELP! (Shout out to Caroline—can’t wait for your wedding this weekend!!!)

Suit Options:

Traditional Option:

More Modern Version:

black tie

Dark Suit/Non Black Tie:

Merci New York at Full Moon Resort

 (image cred)

Okay and then the shoe dilemma.

Do they have to be shiny/patent?

Or can they just be black dress shoes?

Lady attire is a whole new blog-post entirely. Long or short? Fabric? Heel height? We shall see…


5 thoughts on “Black Tie

  1. Those black suede shoes are not appropriate — no matter what. If not patent leather, at least highly polished black leather shoes.

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