target cute

“Target is everyone’s favorite store whether they admit it or not.  But under no circumstances, unless you are someone’s Aunt Patti (because it’s sweet when she does it), are you allowed to call the mega store by it’s psuedo-French suburban mom misnomer “Tarjay,” as to insinuate that the flower pots and denim capri pants you bought have an old world flair and je ne sais qua.  Your flip flips were $7.99 – telling people they’re from Tarjay doesn’t change the fact that nine other people in line for the Superman at Six Flags have the same pair on.  Say it loud: I’m cheap and I’m proud.” (from here)

So true right? I’ve totally called Target Tarjay before—because well…it’s fancier than Walmart. It’s a big-box store that it’s acceptable to shop at. PLUS-they’ve got some new and kind of amazing things happening up in there. Yeah-designers doing Target collections. Moderately priced goodness from the brands we all wish we could afford. Not gonna lie–(David can vouch for me), when Nate Berkus made a Target line…I bought like 5 things. Even random things like this.

And this.

When Missoni made a Target appearance (and everything sold out in like 7 seconds), I may have bought some stuff.I’ve continued to see some really awesome stuff lately at Target.

Like this:

IMG_3159 IMG_3160 IMG_3161

(I bought this case for my iPhone Giant/iPad Mini)!!

IMG_3162 IMG_3163 IMG_3165 (I also bought this blanket…it’s awesome and soft and huge).

And then, I went yesterday, solely to get a VDAY card, and low and behold, I stumbled through the clothing section. Just to see whats new, ya know? And since I just gave away my Chambray shirt…thought I’d get another one. And I found more CUTE CLOTHES (in my opinion).

So I got this:

Leopard Fit and Flare: good for work (it’s longer than it looks)–throw on a leather jacket and black tights….cute day to night outfit. (They also have this in several patterns).

This blazer–which looks weird in this picture but the pattern is really fun.


And this skirt. Great for work or church. Also great with a cute blouse and black tights.

How do y’all feel about Target getting some cute stuff? I gotta say, I’m pretty pumped. Especially because the blazer that cost me like $30 is exactly like one from Piperlime that I wanted for like $150. SUCCESS.


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