No-No Gifts

Valentines Card

Remember when I gave some VDAY gift suggestions here? Those were things that needed planning ahead. Ordering…shopping…looking for a knock off…

But then I stumbled upon this funny peice from Elizabeth Banks, aka the BBQ Sauce girl in Wet Hot…aka Effy Trinket in Hunger Games…aka Mrs. Awesome that I think is hilarious–so I had to share as a follow up.

Since these are things NOT to give, posting it on VDAY is okay since you dudes aren’t going to be giving anything like this, RIGHT?


Check it out. Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

What are everyones Vday plans? David and I are going for Indian–gotta celebrate our 2.5 year wedding anniversary!! Also, for the record, we had bootcamp this morning (so I was home and energized by 6:50, so I did laundry, did the dishes, baked chocolate chip cookies (AND cleaned up)…so booyah to my chart the other day. I am very able to do stuff around the house–I just have to want to. 🙂

(Image Cred: here)


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