Home Duty

Anyone have coworkers like this? Funny Lent Ecard: Though neither of us has entered a church in years, I propose we leave work to spend six minutes getting ashes on our foreheads and 2 1/2 hours eating lunch.

Luckily, I’m not that person. But I’m totally this person.

Funny Lent Ecard: I'm going to give up TV for Lent except for all the programming I recorded before Lent.

No, just kidding. But here’s what I’m giving up. Blogging it makes me have to do it, right?

I’m giving up Chips. Doesn’t seem that major but Mexican is our favorite eat-out option, and well…I eat a lot of chips. There’s nothing good about them so away they go. Will it bring me closer to God? Not sure, but I will feel challenged, which is part of the process.

Also, I’m taking on “making sure the house is clean on Sundays so that Mondays we start fresh”. The mess is usually always my fault. I walk into the house and shed clothes/shoes/bags/cups/jewelry wherever I feel like shedding. In the living room, sure. In On the dining room table? Why wouldn’t ya.  In the bathroom, of course. In the closet-room…rarely. And if it makes it in there, it’s definitely not getting hung up right away. And if it does get hung up, its probably inside out. There, you just got to know me a little better. Now you know one of my major flaws that drives David crazy. Recently, we’d been discussing Lenten disciplines that serve each other somewhat–like taking on something that the other person typically “always” does, but then I just started getting pissed because I realized I was a terrible duty-sharer. So naturally I took it out on David, and then realized it is totally me that doesn’t pull my weight. I then realized that I need to take on something that will help out.

So picking up after myself on a weekly basis is a good start I think. I’m going to try to keep it in the forefront of my mind, so it may even happen daily, but I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. How’s that for low standards?

I’m not sure what he’s going to do because there isn’t much he could take on. I started thinking about it and felt really bad, so I need to step it up. This is my public proclamation.



Let’s see if he agrees…So needless to say, I got some work to do. The only thing I forgot to add is Cooking, which I do 100% of (unless I’m out of town).

So anyways…what else are y’all doing for lent? Taking something on? Giving something up?


7 thoughts on “Home Duty

  1. I heard on NPR a few years ago that it’s not so much the percentage of chores shared that makes a happy relationship, but that it’s that it’s clear and defined who takes on what chores.

    Here’s Jess and me:
    Trash/Recycling: Me 35% Jess 65%
    Laundry: Me 90% Jess 10%
    Feeding Cats: Me 25% Jess 75%
    Litterbox Cats: Me 1% Jess 99%
    Dishes: Me 80% Jess 20%
    Mail: Me 35% Jess 65%
    Sweeping: Me 5% Jess 95%
    Vaccuming: Me 0% Jess 100%
    Deep Cleaning: Me 1%, Jess 99%
    Day-to-Day Cleaning: Me 85% Jess 15%

    As you can see, most of our chores are pretty much the “responsibility” of one or the other. I WONDER WHAT JESS THINKS?

  2. You MUST read the book Spouse-nomics. It’s all about division of labor in the house work and chores! Totally changed how we manage our house. Just because it “should” be a 50-50 spilt of tasks doesn’t mean it’s beneficial for everyone! Genius read- I promise!

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