Cheap Date

Lots of couples do the big vday thing, I totally get it. One special day to make each other feel really special and loved. And single ladies alike throw man-bashing, prosecco drinking, rant fests to show how much they don’t need a man. But one thing is for sure–I totally don’t think you have to spend boatloads of money on Valentines Day. Remember when a little card from the boy you liked sent you over the moon? And you interpreted whatever card he gave you as something that he was actually telling you??  Like a card with a Ninja Turtle playing guitar saying “you rock!” was totally translated as “we’re in friend territory. I don’t like you like that”, or a card with a polar bear on an ice cap that said, “U R Cool”, meant, “Dream on, I don’t have a crush on you”.

Whereas a Valentine with a Nemo on it that said, “will you o’FISH’ally be my Valentine” meant, “I like you and I picked this card just for you so you would know without me telling you directly”. The bumblebee “BEE Mine” was equal to that. He is actually asking me to be HIS Valentine. Or maybe his mom put together his Valentines for him and he has no idea which one I got? Either way…YES.

But here are some adult Valentine options (not like that…this is a cleanish blog) if you wanna spend $5 or $200, and then some ideas if you want to get yourself a little something.

If you have a Valentine and Don’t have Moolah

Je T'aime Card

$6 card from Anthropologie (hay, not many things are under $10 at Anthro, so go for it)

Sweet Briar Notebooks

sweet notebook from Anthropologie also, $12

*Zealous Arrows Card // Hot Pink*

Linsday Letters Shop! $5 card

kate spade new york 'ring' USB drive

Kate Spade USB Ring (So cool, right?)

Colorful Lipstick Crayons. Yes, please!

Kate Spade Lip Crayons

If you have a Valentine and Have a lot of Moolah:

kate spade new york 'metro' round leather strap watch

Kate Spade NY Metro watch $195

Zebras Umbrella, Red - Click Image to Close

Amazingly wonderful red Scalamandre Zebra design umbrella   $190

SALE Vintage Inspired Marquee Light- Heart

Vintage Inspired Marquee Light (i might be buying this after I get paid) $160 from Etsy


Gifts for Yourself because You Can:

#Valentines Day Love

Okay, kidding about this card. That is weird and no one should use that.

But you could buy this for yourself:

Chalkboard Planters (West Elm $6+) —or you could totally DIY this

Small Partial Zag Dish

You could buy this for yourself b/c its not too pricey and it’s super cute (for rings or earrings maybe?) $26 from Etsy 

Or on VDAY, just relax, watch tv, hang out with the ladies, and fix your self a fancy drink with bitters. who doesn’t love bitters?

West Elm $20

Whatcha think? Got vday plans? Remember those classroom Valentines exchanges?


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