You’re Almost 30 & You Still Go to Summer Camp?!?!

Yep. Headed to camp. You know all those lady friends that I’ve asked to talk about life in their 20s? I’m currently on my way to see some of them!! Thats right– headed to Camp Mikell, one of the best places on earth. Winter work weekend, doesn’t sound fun, but trust…it is.

Yes, I’m writing in the car, no, I’m not driving. See???


It’s the place where we travel hours to go clear brush and move rocks. We travel hours to paint old buildings and to hang siding. We travel hours to eat powdered eggs and sleep freeze in cabins like when we were kids. Actually as kids, we were there in the summer so we were probably sweating to death in the hot Georgia summer.

We travel hours to get back to feel that feeling that so many of us have felt since we were 8 years old and felt all the way through college. Its a second home for most that have been there, and it holds lots of special meaning for all of us.

For David and me, it’s where we met, had our, ahem, second kiss, where we got married and where we’ve made the best friends of our lives.

Friends that we’ve continued to have since middle or high school, through college, after college, and through our twenties and DAVIDS thirties. They’ll be friends forever (insert cheesy Saved By The Bell song here) like no one else, and we get to go see 25-30 of them this weekend. Varying ages and stages of life kind of just disappear when this crowd gets together. My little sister who is 21 will be there with friends her age, and David and I will be there with some of our friends we worked at camp with. We’ll work hard during the day, beautifying the place we all spend so much time, and we’ll cook and relax at night–a much needed getaway for David and I.

Some people probably thought this part of our life might fade away, but nope, not planning on that happening.

check this place out!


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