Pump, Pump, Pump it UP!

Here’s the latest (5 days in) update on the UP Lifestyle Tracker (by Jawbone).

If you don’t care, look away, and look at this instead.

Funny Confession Ecard: My hardest workout is trying not to look bored while you tell me about your workout.

But I’ve had a few folks ask questions about what it can do. I did my initial explanation here, but now that I’ve been a user for 5 days I have some more info to share. And hey–this is a no-judgement zone (unlike my house where I totally judged David recently for putting my black tights in my pants drawer. I guess they’re kind of like pants–to a guy–but I don’t know any woman that stores stockings/tights in a pants drawer. Judging done. David, thanks for putting my clothes away. You’re the best.)

Okay, back to the UP.


After wearing it for 5 days, I hardly notice it. It’s winter so most of my sleeves have been long for the past 5 days, but regardless, it doesn’t bother me to wear a “bracelet” all the time. Now, come summer, when it’s tank-tops and dresses…we’ll see what I think about the black band. But comfort-wise, I give it an A. (Don’t mind my gross pale winter arm–I said no judgement.) Also, it’s super easy to take off, plug into your phone (the silver part where it says “Jawbone” below comes off and there’s a plug that goes in the headset part of your phone.) Most folks now (for better or worse) have their smart phones with them 24/7, so it’s very convenient. You don’t have to take it off ever, which makes it easy not to think about. (For the record, I don’t shower with it on, because it was not free).



Gonna do a little screen shot action to show you the app and what we’ve got to far as far as the food stuff goes.

When you go to enter food, you have some options.


Choose from Library (stuff you’ve already logged), Scan (which brings up a bar-code scanner–great for packaged goods–still haven’t found something that it didn’t have the nutritional info logged for), or Type (you manually enter all the stuff). When you choose “type” you can use a search term like “banana” and select one that comes up, or, if your banana is a little different than other banana’s, you can enter YOUR banana’s nutritional info, which is cool.


It then breaks out your nutritional info into categories–“all you can eat”, “don’t overdo it”, and “pass on these”. Clearly my sugar and cholesterol today are getting a little close (hard boiled egg gets that Cholesterol icon up right away).


Another cool feature? You can put in your own food pics and nutritional info. Seeeeeee??? Moving on.

Downsides to the food part? I wish David and I could share info. Like if we make one dinner (which most couples or roommates do), I’d input it, and then from his account he could say, “I had that too”. So he didn’t have to input it himself.


So far, this part has been my favorite. I have a desk job and I know I sit most of the day. I try to be conscious about getting up and talking to people instead of emailing someone 3 feet away, and I get up a lot to go get water and stuff like that, but I never realized until I started monitoring it how inactive I am during the day.

For instance, I have my “goal” set at 10,000 steps/day (give or take 5 miles). Yesterday by 5pm, I think I’d taken around 3,000 steps. WOW. So, getting home after 5, I was like, “I have to get more steps!” I went on a long walk, and David and I went out to eat and we parked a few blocks away from the restaurant. By the end of the day I had a little over 9,000 so I was feeling better. But I would have never even thought about how sedentary I am.

Here’s some cool screen shots from the activity part.

This is yesterday, that I was talking about. OMG. There is nothing until I went on a walk.



This is today, better, right? We had boot-camp this morning which helped, but I’ve also chosen to get up more. While I’m waiting for my edemame to steam, I’ll go walk the halls. Or I’ll go walk around the pond at work when I need to get up. So this helps.


At this part, you can log workouts in addition to your regular steps. (It doesn’t add/subtract calories I don’t think, but it lets you keep track of what you did to get active). There are three pages of options. Some of these could be improved. They have yoga, swimming, biking, but they also have video games? Huh? I guess like a Wii Fit thing? Not sure.

Sleep Tracking.

This part is also pretty cool. I’ve never been a person who has trouble sleeping, thank God, but I’d never really known what type of sleeper I was. The coolest thing I’ve noticed in the sleep tracking (light sleep and deep sleep) is the different between David and I.

This one is me…


And this one is David.


All of my nights thus far, I’ve had between 4-6 hours of deep sleep, usually with 2-3 of light sleep.

David has been the complete opposite to the point that I was like, “did you sleep okay?”, and he was like, “yeah! why?”

So I guess he’s just a light sleeper. I have also never gotten up or woken up in the night and he has often. So it’s cool to see, don’tcha think?

Lastly, you can see total graphs/trends of anything you want to measure. Here’s one of those.


So what do y’all think? Are we getting a little too obsessed? Do you think it’s really cool and now you want one too?

Eh? Eh? Thoughts?


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