Catch Up Post

I feel like I’m really good at bringing up things, and then leaving them hanging. Has anyone else noticed that? Yesterday was quite the whirlwind day, so apologies for no post. Just like with the Bible reading challenge, sometimes there’s a day off to “catch-up”, and we’ll just call yesterday that. A day for y’all to catch-up on anything you may have missed.

So Catch Up #1:

For the record, that is one of the biggest things I’ve brought up (and also left hanging). But for those of you were wondering, the Bible Challenge is still moving right along. I am caught up, on track and I am feeling good that I’ve kept up with the readings for 4 full months, heading into 5.  I posted a diagram a ways back, but I will share where I am now.

Bible in a Year

Psalms is partially highlighted because I’m still reading them. I read Psalm 107 this morning, so there are a lot of them-150 I think. And for those of you haters that say “listening” is not the same as reading, I think it totally depends on the person. I’ve read some, I’ve listened to most, and I AM one of those people that can listen and take in/remember. Sure, there are days when I’ve got too many things on my mind and I’ll go to push play, and then I’m like, ….mmmm…nevermind. I’m not focused. So I’ve tried to be really conscious of that.

Catch Up #2:

After much debate, well, not really since we both liked the same one…David and I decided on the arrow fabric.


We felt like the black and white was really good for any room in our house right now, or the future. We weren’t even thinking about the future until Kristina commented about making sure we get something that we wouldn’t get sick of. That’s not exactly what she said, but close enough. So thanks Tina! So, that project shall begin in 5-6 days, or whenever the fabric arrives.

Catch Up #3:

What did you End Up Wearing to the State House?

I posted several options about how to dress up and still be fashion-forward when attending a work event where you have to look pretty conservative. So what did I go with?

Wide Leg Black Pant

These are from here, mine are from Zara for like $50 (instead of $500).

And a black blouse with gold button detail.

Chic Simplicity Colorblocked Top 35.99 at Colorblocked in classic black and white, this textured top is an elegant wardrobe staple that pairs well with skinny pants and skirts alike. This stylish blouse is perfected with gold-toned studding at the shoulders and a back keyhole button...

It was this top, but in black.

I went easy on that day, black on black. But it all depends how you feel when you wake up, ya know? And since I think I woke up in a rush, basic black it was.

And shoes.

This are more comfy than they look thanks to the wedge, and since we did a lot of standing, I had flats in my bag for the long walk back to the parking garage.

What else did I bring up and then forget to tell you about?

Stay tuned, we’ve got more UP updates coming tomorrow! I can’t wait to talk more about it and share more screen shots. Plus David’s been out of town this week, so I have no idea what he thinks of his. (Although spoiler–we’ve added each other as “teammates”, so I can see all his stats and he can see mine. Kind of another cool way to motivate each other even when he’s out of town. I haven’t sent any mean comments to him yet like, “um…all you ate yesterday was fruit? LIAR”, but trust me, those will come).


3 thoughts on “Catch Up Post

  1. Catch up #1: I like how you capitalized “I AM” in the biblical reading section. “I AM” is a translation of Yahweh, the name of Israel’s God (and Jesus’ father), and it often appears in ALL CAPS or Initial Caps — so Jesus’ “I Am” statements (I am the Vine, I am the Good Shepherd, etc) are theologically loaded.

    Catch up #2: yay arrows! Yay Tina!

    Catch up #3: tots cute babe.

    UP update: I love it. Still getting used to wearing it, but I love uploading the info and seeing how I’ve done. I don’t so much like the food data because that’s a little more work and time-consuming, but overall, I love it.

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