Beyonce Bowl and Other Weekend UPdates

It seems like it’s been awhile since David and I have had a weekend in-town. We didn’t travel, we didn’t have to find a dog sitter. We were home, and it was fun. Friday David and I hit up the quarterly Columbia Fun-Fest, called Arts and Draughts. It was our first time going and we were pretty pumped. We met up with Emily and Santi, but before they got there, David and I perused the Columbia Museum of Art (where the event was held). They even had a SCAVENGER HUNT where you had to hunt through the exhibits the find clues and stuff which was right up David and I’s alley. Sound dorky? Well then I guess we’re dorky.

Here are some pics from the event!


Beers (sorry for crappy iPhone pics)


After hanging out for a while, we went to grab dinner at our favorite date place in the city–116. It is by far our favorite restaurant.

David got  Pan Sauteed NC Rainbow Trout “Pan Sauteed Wild Caught NC Trout with Crab and Hollandaise with City Roots Rainbow Chard”, I had an Artichoke Ravioli “Artichoke Ravioli in a Roasted Garlic and Blue Cheese Cream Sauce”, and we split a Vegetable Samosa to start (which was the best part). I didn’t say it was healthy, okay? But it was a date night, so leave us alone. We love going there–the food is always good, usually great-and the staff are super nice and friendly.

Saturday was the best ever. I snuggled with the dog most of the morning and did a lot of nothing. That’s the best kind of Saturday sometimes, ya know? Caught up on “my stories”…went on a run since we had quite the meal the night before. I wasn’t feeling a workout, but I went anyway. I knew I shouldn’t have gone when I didn’t feel like it because while Colonel and I were running, I tripped over him and fell and skinned by elbow, knee and hip. I posted a picture online and was later informed that the picture looked like a boob at quick glance, which was not the intention. My bad.

After church on Sunday, David and I took the plunge. That’s right. We went to Best Buy and bought these guys.

Nerd Out

We asked about their return policy and they said we could wear it and try it out, and return one if we decided to within 30 days. So we got one of each to test them out. I’ve been wearing the UP and David got the FITBIT. We quickly found out that the UP was much easier to load data/import but we also found out the reason his FITBIT was never syncing was because you have to have an iPhone 4S, but he only has a 4. So it wouldn’t work unless he plugged it into his computer, and he didn’t want to be restrained to the computer to upload/see data. So…today he swapped it out for the UP.

Comments from David (in italics)

Reasons for buying Fitbit instead of an Up:
Expectation: Less conspicuous than the Up — I liked not having a wristband that’s noticeable. A little thing that hooks onto my pocket could conceivably never go noticed, and I liked that idea. 
Reality: I wore the Fitbit for about 18 hours in all, and in that short time, it was actually a little more “maintenance” keeping up with it than I expected. Whenever I’d change clothes, I’d need to keep up with it — which is a simple task, but I actually had a couple of times where I had to go to different rooms to track it down. I could see this becoming a problem in the future. Also, as someone who keeps chap stick, pens, keys, etc in my pockets, I needed to be conscious of not knocking the fitbit loose — and while it seemed very secure in my pocket or on my pants, I was worried that I’d somehow knock it off.  
Reality #2: After wearing the Up band for a couple of hours, I can tell that it’s going to take some getting used to, but it shouldn’t take that much time. And I think I can probably get over the conspicuousness of it — that was a big reason for not wanting the Up, but oh well. 
Expectation: Wireless syncing with phone/computer. 
Reality: Fitbit will only sync with iphone 4S models or later — and I’ve got an iPhone 4. This was my mistake (ME TOO STOOOPID), because the packaging clearly says 4S or later. I was getting frustrated because it wasn’t syncing with my phone, and then when I realized why it wasn’t syncing (i.e., my phone isn’t compatible), the choice to return it for the Up band was pretty clear. FWIW, I did read a lot of reviews from customers who were having problems syncing to their iPhone 4S or later, so it seems like it’s a problem that Fitbit needs to work on. (Any Fitbit users out there experiencing this problem? Syncing work pretty well for models that do wireless syncing?)
It does sync with the computer, but I don’t think I like that set up — you have to leave a dongle plugged into the computer at all times (or plug it in whenever you want to sync it), which ultimately would keep me tethered to a computer, either at home or work. 
Expectation: Great apps and logging stuff.
Reality: The Fitbit apps, user interface, etc do seem good, but I like the Up interface a lot better. Fitbit’s apps are fine, just not as cool in my opinion.

Another plus so far about the UP: The food bar code scanner has been able to identify everything I’ve scanned thus far. So even weird vegetarian things and protein powder and all sorts of “odd” stuff that isn’t like “Ritz Crackers” or something really obvious and generic…so that’s been cool. I got the “small” and David got the “medium”. I wish there was a size in between because the small feels a little bit like an annoying hair rubber band  but the medium was too loose for me. I think I’ll get used to it. Note to users: don’t start tracking your food/drink intake on Superbowl Sunday. You’ll be disappointed.

Here’s what I had so far (yesterday):


I had to charge it when I got it, so I wore it for about an hour and then It had to sit for about an hour, so, it was definitely idle. Resting burn—this brings lots of questions, right? I was like, “this thing is broken! There is no way I burned 1,300 calories while resting!” But I did a little research and that is indeed correct. But don’t plan on losing weight or anything by being like, “woo hoo! I burned 1300 calories watching tv! Now I can eat 1300 more calories!” Doesn’t work like that.

Here’s the word.  “The number of calories burned at rest is called the basal metabolic rate, and it’s a measure of how much energy your body uses just to keep all of your complex bodily functions up and running and in check (i.e. your body temperature regulated, your heart beating, your brain humming, and so on). Yes, the body burns calories while you are otherwise doing nothing at all, but that energy is easily consumed in the food that you eat if you don’t add some intentional movement into your day.” Intentional movement is that category above called “Active Burn”. I took the dog on a walk yesterday, so that was my active burn (and spike in the graph).

And for the sleep:


Pretty cool right? HOW DOES IT KNOW?????!! So cool/creepy. I did wonder if I moved more when the ahem…dog at the foot of our bed moved through the night. He gets up, circles, burrows, and lays back down. So I’d be curious if it’d be different without the dog, but who am I kidding, I’d never kick the dog out of the bed.

I’m excited to see what my charts look like after boot camp tomorrow. WOO HOO!

There’s also a disclaimer that says we don’t share your data without your permission (thats for my DAD).

Oh, last little update: BEYONCE KILLED IT last night, right!?!? Twitter was blowing up with all of the “Beyonce was so electric she used all the power in the stadium” and #beyoncebowl. I totally agree. Her dancing was the star, and Destiny’s Child made all of us scream, literally! While I secretly wished Jay Z also made an appearance, I liked the whole “all women” thing going on. It was cool. And I think she chose not to lip sync after her latest debacle, but she totally could have (could you sing and dance like that simultaneously–that’s talent). I lost $100 bet to David that they wouldn’t sing Crazy in Love, and they did. Luckily, our money is shared so it was a fake bet. Phewph.

image from here

What did y’all think of the Superbowl? What about the UP? How was your weekend?


4 thoughts on “Beyonce Bowl and Other Weekend UPdates

    • Hey! It has sleep tracking, steps taken/cals burned, fitness tracking AND you input all of your food and drink so that you can track calories taken in. It even lets you scan bar codes so you don’t have to input all of the nutritional info 🙂

    • I’m loving it! Gonna post more stats this week. I already don’t notice it 🙂 the food tracking is good, and it appears very accurate so far.

      $129, and we had Best Buy gift cards so we got both for $100!

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