Super Duper Bowl

You thought I’d left you hanging on a Thursday? Here I am! Happy Hour post! Hope you have a drink in hand for this ranting post. Here goes.

If you know me or my Pandora stations, you’ll know that I love Beyonce. And Rihanna. And Ke$ha. And Gaga. And Nicki Minaj. And lots of pop music. There’s no shame in my game. That’s right. Mostly it’s for getting ready on a night out, or once I’m out, or working out, or on long road trips. It’s pump-you-up music, ya know?

So I was thrilled when I saw there was a Beyonce concert live on TV this Sunday (that is for some reason being interrupted by football.) Okay, David told me that joke and I stole it. I’m known for being a joke stealer or a joke-sayer-louderer-than-you-said-it-er.

super bowl beyonce

So for me, the only reason I ever watch the Superbowl is…

1. because someone is having a party that I’m attending and there happens to be football on.

2. The snacks.

3. The commercials.

It is not often that we tune in to the Superbowl for the half-time show. Let’s be honest. Usually its someone kind of random who you have high expectations for and they blow it. Or some weird mixture of artists that should never be on stage at the same time. Like Shania Twain and No Doubt, and Sting. Seriously? I love Gwen and all, but come on.

Let’s take a look.

2012: Madonna (Nicki Minaj, etc.)- MEH. I had high hopes but meh.

2011: Black Eyed Peas, Usher and Slash. Those three artists should never do anything together. They should also never do anything. (Sorry David, I know you had a man-crush on Slash in like 1990).

2010: The Who –everyone likes the Who. But for the Superbowl? No.

2009: Bruce Springsteen –FIIIINE.

2008: Tom Petty –at least they played hits that people like. Enjoyable but boring. I could turn on a Tom Petty CD if I wanted to. Which I don’t.

2007: Prince –I’ll give you this one. Prince is awesome. And he killed it. There’s one.

2006: Rolling Stones –most people like the stones. Sure. Fine. FIIIINE.

2005: Paul McCartney –where’s the rest of the gang? Not there? Then I don’t care.

2004: Janet Jackson, her boob, Justin Timberlake, PDiddy, Kid Rock –seriously? If the boob thing hadn’t happened it would’ve gotten no attention. Now the one a few years before that had N’SYNC and Britney Spears? I’d like to see that again. (for the sheer purpose of laughing at JT b/c his hair was weird).

From this:

to this:

and thankfully now…

Justin Timberlake tries to reinvent Myspace — but there's no app for that (Photo: Matt Sayles / AP)


Justin Timberlake #pavelife #celeb #music

Men get so much better with age, am I right?

Okay, where was I. I totally just did a little JT homage there. My bad.

Oh yeah, the Superbowl halftime show. My point is…I’m looking forward to Beyonce (some people may even call me BEANyonce. Okay, not really.) As always, hopes are high and I just hope she does a lot of her good stuff. Wild and fun and crazy. At least they’ve picked an artist that is enjoyable to watch, right? She’s an entertainer. And I hope I’m entertained.

Anyone else have good Superbowl Halftime memories? Am I the only hater? Anyone else think the talking E-Trade babies are not funny?


11 thoughts on “Super Duper Bowl

  1. Beano, you usually don’t mess around with regard to the content of your posts in the teasers you send around on FB and Twitter. But where was the stuff intended for the guys???!?!?!?!???!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!!?!?

  2. Okay let’s see:

    Madonna: horrible performance
    Black Eyes Peas: I used to gag when my parents made me eat them, now I gag when their music comes on.
    Usher: you mean Urr-shurr, right? Ushahhh is also acceptable.
    Slash: he’s why I learned to play guitar, which is why you started liking me (not really), which is why we’re even together and why you have this blog! Show some respect
    Bruuuuce and Petty and Stones: I like em both, but their performances were meh
    Prince: also agreed – his was awesome, and the first one I think I when I hear “halftime Super Bowl performer”
    The Who: not everyone likes them. (I appreciate their place in rock history but sitting and listening to them? Nah)

      • I’ll admit it with no shame: I am looking forward to Beyonce’s performance. Even to the point that, when someone asked me last night who I’ll be rooting for on Sunday, my answer wasn’t the Ravens or the 49ers – it was Beyonce.

        (That has more to do with the Falcons being so close to playing in the Super Bowl than anything else, but whatever.)

  3. The ’94 Super Bowl in the Georgia Dome had Clint Black, Tanya Tucker, Travis Tritt, and The Judds. I’d be okay with that. But the greatest ever had to have been 1997. The Blues Brothers, ZZ Top, and James Brown. I’d pay Super Bowl ticket prices just to have seen that lineup.

      • Well, early Super Bowl halftime shows were just marching bands performing popular songs. Some people might argue that those would be preferable to the current show, but I doubt if any of those people are TV executives. So I’d say we came a long way, and then it turned south in the late ’90s.

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