Fabulous Fabric

Fabric selections need to happen for this bench upholstery project that I discussed here.


Got this bench when I was out running a while ago, and it’s moved all around our house thus far. Here, it is Colonel Mustards “perch” to see out the window. But to be honest, right now it holds more clothes and laundry than dog-butt, so…I decided I need to get on that. Then once it’s prettified, maybe I’ll keep it in the bedroom, but maybe I’ll put it in our entryway…or living room. Who knows.

So fabric choices. Thanks to Emily Henderson, my favorite stylist, I’ve been all over Spoonflower. You can even give your own images and make your own fabric! OMG. Just for funsies, I did this one. Obsessed much? Can you even make out what it is?


Yeah, it’s Colonel Mustard yawning. It’s also my background on my phone.

IMG_3178[1]Okay, no, I’m not going to do that. It would be weird (in my opinion. A silhouette however, I might be down for that.)

So here are my current favorites….

8 link













And lastly,



What do we think? There are a broad range of fun fabrics and I just don’t know which ones I like best, cuz I like them all! I’ll take a better pic of the furniture but it has wood legs kind of like these “Spade foot” ones.

And it’s a pretty dark wood. As much as I like the pink ones, I think I’m not allowed to put pink anywhere else for a while after the bathroom paint-job (that I’m still loving). Here’s a quick look if ya missed that post.


So what fabrics do we like? Eh? Eh? Comment below and let me know!


10 thoughts on “Fabulous Fabric

  1. Yes! Bravesies!!!

    I like a lot of those designs – my top threesies would be #1 (what is that…Edward Gory or something?), the arrows (#2), and the last one.

  2. I like the blue with the white animals too. I also like the squids (though, a little hipster), and the black and white arrows. It kinda depends, right, where you’re going to put it? I’d get something that will be versatile and go with many different things so you can move it around without having to reupholster it again and again.

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