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Y’all. Thanks for reading yesterday! Isn’t Bethany just the sweetest? Thanks for posting about life in our 20-somethings.

So, David and I are having a huge dilemma. We haven’t been boot-camping in about a month, partially because of the holidays and also the fact that it hasn’t restarted yet. (ie we haven’t been choosing not to go, it just hasn’t been scheduled yet). So, we’ve had to be really proactive about getting up and getting moving–which has been a good lesson for us.

Do we particularly LOVE getting up early and working out? No. But usually for both of us, we are tired/it is dark/it’s too late after going to the dog park to workout after work, and unless I figure out a way to work out midday, it has to be the morning. My office is laid back enough they’d probably let me use my lunch break to run or something like that, but getting all sweaty at work…yeah…probably not. Isn’t it pathetic that a good excuse to not workout is always, “but I just showered today/yesterday”? Like more than one shower is illegal in the South. Hay-in some areas it may be…

So working out in the morning it is. And we haven’t been as diligent as we normally are (aka not 4-6 days/week). If I’m being honest it’s been like 1-2 days a week, and I’ll do some walking around the pond at work (3x around is one mile). Neither of us are overweight by any means, but we like being physically active as part of our routine, and well, that ain’t happenin’. (If I hadn’t already used the “ain’t nobody got time for that” lady, I’d insert it here. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here.)

And then my friend Lacy from camp (yes, ANOTHER girl friend from camp) blogged about the Jawbone UP. And as you always do when you get a new pair of running shoes or a new workout mix on your iPod, I felt re-energized. I had to have it. Here’s the website so you can check out all the stuff.

What is it? It’s a wristband that you wear 24/7, literally, when you sleep and if you want, when you shower (although it says water resistant, not waterproof, so I probably wouldn’t).


If you don’t have 20/20 vision and don’t want to get that close to the monitor, here’s what all of that above that basically says.


1. Sleep and Nap Tracking (hours slept, light v. deep sleep, waking moments)

2. 24/7 Activity Tracking (distance, cals burned, active time, activity intensity)

3. Food and Drink Tracking (you can take and upload images of your meals, which is cool)

4. Mood Tracking (not sure how)

5. Insight Engine (whatever that is)

6. Idle Alert (when you’ve been stationary too long)

7. Smart Alarm (wakes you in lightest sleep)

8. 10 day battery 

9. Water Resistant

10. Comfortable (so it says)

11. Power Nap (will let you nap for optimal nap time)

12. Simple Sync

13. Price $129.99

Seems pretty cool, no? I was enamored and then I showed my dad, and in typical my-dad fashion, he said, “look’s like another way for the government to track our every movement”. Wow Dad. Thanks for sharing the enthusiasm. But then he got me thinking…OMG…Is he right? Where does this data go? I pictured some massive control center like NASA has where they’re watching everyone buy an UP, plug them in, and then steal our data. But then I thought, well…I put most of my life online anyway. So I still want it. Simple.

And then this past weekend a wrench was thrown into my plan. My friend Alyson (hey Alyson if you’re reading!) showed me her FITBIT. WHAT??!?!?! There’s another one??! Another government tracking device! Awesome! So David and I began our comparison research.

Meet the FitBit.

Features of the Fitbit One:

1. Tracks Sleep (hours slept, quality of sleep)

2. 24/7 Activity Tracking (steps taken, cals burned, distance, stairs climbed)

3. Food and Drink Tracking (can use other apps that you may already be using like Spark People or My Fitness Pal, which is kind of cool)

4. Smart Alarm

5. 7 day battery (shorter battery life BUT it syncs wirelessly–within 20 feet—which is a cool features so you don’t have to have more than one “thing” with you to plug it in).

6. Water Resistant

7. Comfortable (and super tiny so it’s hidden as opposed to a 24/7 bracelet)

8. Price: $99

So we’ve been watching videos and reading articles online that compare the two. Does anyone have the Fitbit or the UP that wants to share/comment what they think? Neither of the apps that go with them have GREAT ratings. Seems like since they’re both new, the apps haven’t quite figured out all the kinks. They both have pluses and minuses.

PRO/CON-Fitbit is tiny and discreet, while the UP is pretty visible 24/7.

PRO/CON- UP seems more comfortable for sleep, the Fitbit has a band that attaches it to you for sleep (which sounds uncomfortable).

So we’re still deciding but David has a Best Buy gift card burning a hole is his pocket….both of us think this could keep us more accountable as far as staying active and getting moving. (We both have dressed up–sitting down jobs). So maybe the new little device will be just the motivation we need??

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6 thoughts on “Nerd Out

  1. My Dad said the same thing!!! Are we missing something…? hahaha. I’m still debating, since it’s over $300 for both of us to get one, but have at least 3 friends who have their UP bracelets on order…I’ll let you know what they say!

  2. Nike, also has a horse in this race: priced similarly to the Jawbone and FitBit.

    A couple of friends wear the fuel band and have great things to say about it. Also, Nike (who have one of the best and most creative marketing teams of anybody) hired Casey Neistat to make a really incredibly awesome viral video to promote their fuel band:

    Not sure I am quite ready for any of these at this point but figured this was relevant and I’d go ahead and share this video here.

    – rob

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