Mountain Weekend

So this weekend, David and I both get to get-away, which is fun because oftentimes I leave him in my dust getaway when he is working a lot during the weekend. You’re right, he works every weekend, but on the ones when he has to work Friday and Saturday as well, I try to get away. I think it saves both of us when Colonel and I leave. I don’t “bug” David by saying, “are you done with that sermon yet?”, and “can we go grab lunch?” as he is just sitting down to do work. He’s more productive if I’m not lingering around the house…I get to see family and friends when I go away, so thus far, it’s been a win-win. But this weekend is a super win-win because we get to go away together (sans doggy, but he’s being taken care of by his favorite dog-sitter, Brent).

This weekend is our churches weekend away at Kanuga, which is a camp/retreat center up near Asheville, NC. It’s a beautiful getaway place for peace and quiet. You may be thinking…church retreat? LAME. But au contraire. I’d never been on any type of church retreat in my life, even as a “cradle episcopalian”, and I wasn’t sure what to expect last year. I was worried it would be too “churchy”, which may sound weird coming from a priests wife, but it won’t sound weird if you know David and I. I’m not into a lot of singing and luckily being Episcopalian involves no snakes, no bible verse challenges, and no baptizing in kiddy pools. I knew better than to envision Jesus Camp, but I wasn’t sure what to expect.

As long as this creepy lady wasn’t there, I figured I’d be okay.

And it ended up being fun! Turn’s out Episcopalians are more about building community, outreach and loving everyone. That means everyone. Have you seen those signs for Episcopal churches that say…Well its true. ALL…women, men, gay, lesbian, trans, black, white, asian, rich, homeless, super-christian or not-so-sure…we don’t care. There’s no judgement. There’s no creepy “come…follow…we’ll lead you down the path to Heaven…”, there’s no condemnation, there’s the ability to question faith, question God, question why things happen…and none of that buys you a one way ticket to Hell. Talking about going to hell?

The food was delicious (including really good vegetarian options), there was a lot of hiking, a lot of getting to know people, and it was just nice for David and I to have a little retreat together–lots of quiet time in a really pretty setting. This year, it looks like it’s gonna be chilly, so I’ll be packing my favorites for the winter. You didn’t think I was going to skip the chance for a what to wear post, did ya?  Skinny jeans/leggings, big huge sweaters, and boots is my winter uniform. And so I’ll stick to that.


My retreat outfit inspiration:

love from here

Pringle of Scotland Merino wool turtleneck sweater found on Polyvore from here

Longest Short Week Ever


from here

Heart sweater by J. Crew - great gift!

it’s j.crew but i pinned it here

pinned here

and god I wish i had these. amazing.

 from here

And when you’re dressed head to toe in neutrals, blacks and grays, it’s nice to have some fun accessories. I’d suggest:

from here

tiny fox earrings #cute

from here

Kate Spade Westward Curiosities satchel

amazing weekender bag from here

So those are my ideas. What is everyone else doing this weekend?

Kanuga image creds:


2 thoughts on “Mountain Weekend

  1. […] So working out in the morning it is. And we haven’t been as diligent as we normally are (aka not 4-6 days/week). If I’m being honest it’s been like 1-2 days a week, and I’ll do some walking around the pond at work (3x around is one mile). Neither of us are overweight by any means, but we like being physically active as part of our routine, and well, that ain’t happenin’. (If I hadn’t already used the “ain’t nobody got time for that” lady, I’d insert it here. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here.) […]

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