Road Warrior

So working for a state association means I travel all over the state of SC. While I think this makes me lucky because I go to lots of cities I’ve never been to and in a relatively new-to-me state, I have to say that NC is still the way prettier Carolina to spend hours driving through. With the exception of the SC coast, the rest of SC is boring to drive through.

Another plus of driving a lot for work is that I really enjoy audio books (which I still call books on tape)-so this gives me the option to read (or consume as my sister Lis and my friend Mike insist, since I’m not reading with my eyes).

So today I’ll be consuming more of Casual Vacancies-JK Rowling’s non Harry Potter book. It’s been taking me awhile and I gotta say, I’m about 2/3 done, and still a bit bored. I mean, Voldemort hasn’t even made an appearance and Hermoines still all–I’m smartsy pants…nah just kidding.

So anyways, being a road tripper means you gotta plan ahead so you don’t have I eat on the road and stuff like that. Vegetarian+fast food=French fries and frosties. Seriously though, that’s like all I can get–or a burger without meat-and what the point? So no thank you.

So here is what I have prepped for my trip (a relatively short one today to Charleston).


So what do we have?

Stuff that’s Accessible while driving:
1. Water
2. Coffee (bubba keg makes the best stuff for the record–my coffee stays hot in here for like 6 hours)
3. Green Smoothie: micro greens, splash of apple cider, assorted fruit-peaches strawberries blackberries), protein powder–keeps you full
4. Banana-snack when I get hungry
5. iPhone with audio books downloaded and pandora pumping! Here’s what we are listening to lately…


What’s in the bags?
1. Silver bag that i love-from Nancy, my mother in law- holds work stuff. Laptop, papers…
2. Black bag-purse essentials. Wallet, camera, makeup…
3. Red bag in backseat-workout and sleep/casual clothes. I always bring workout clothes, don’t always use them unfortunately. (“i showered today–can’t work out!!!” is the typical excuse–because I couldn’t shower AGAIN! And waste all that water and soap!)
4. Hanging is a work outfit for tomorrow. Duh.

So what tips can I leave you with?
1. Pack food and snacks so you don’t have to stop for fast food (someone should open a healthy roadside chain btw).
2. If you have to grab a snack at a gas station or something, choose nuts or dark chocolate–or both. David can attest that I certainly don’t always follow this rule but we are trying to cut back on processed crap.
3. Don’t drive in 5 inch heels. Put those on when you arrive–drive in flats, flops, slippers…something comfy.
4. Don’t drive in something that is gonna wrinkle or get all wonky after sitting for a while. I’ve made this mistake and when you arrive and look disheveled, not everyone is going to assume you drove a long way. So plan ahead.

What other tips can road-travelers share? Put them in the comments section below!


3 thoughts on “Road Warrior

  1. 1) Double and triple check to make sure you repacked everything you brought! I’ve gone through too many toothbrushes this year (but hotels have some nice free stuff if you ask).
    2) For flying: aisle seat on the the way there (so you can work) and window seat for the way back (so you can sleep).
    3) Pack light. I don’t know why travelers have huge suitcases. If it can’t fit in an overhead and you’re traveling under 5 days, you ain’t doin it right.
    4) Tip housekeeping. You’re making that room a hot mess and don’t get paid enough.
    5) Ask for as much free stuff as you can get, especially if you find leopard print granny underwear stuffed behind the suitcase stand, RIGHT DAVID?

  2. Even if your boarding pass shows a gate and flight number, be aware it could be a bus not an airplane! Thank you “trip to Pennsylvania for Christmas 2009.”

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